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Linda Palmer



Umbrella Local Expert

Toronto, Canada
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About Me

Meet the driving forces behind Primo Web Designs. Linda and Richard are a sister/brother duo with a combined legacy of over 40 years in financial sales, engineering, problem-solving and the dynamic realm of digital marketing. Their mission? Elevating your online business to unprecedented heights.

Primo Web Designs welcomes the opportunity to provide you and your business with a clear path in reaching and surpassing your online goals.  Many of their services positively impact your online service to your customers immediately.  In addition, they provide clear cut guarantees or you don’t pay.  

Linda, a seasoned professional and your strategic partner, adeptly navigates the intricacies of the digital landscape. Her journey includes consulting about financial investments to orchestrating operations in fitness and modeling. She now leads the charge in the digital marketing arena.

Richard complements, and adds his engineering acumen with sound problem-solving and project management expertise from the manufacturing and mining industries. His award-winning skills seamlessly transition into consulting with small businesses owners and effectively developing their website applications, SEO strategies, content creation, marketing and social media management. His digital marketing expertise is grounded in developing efficient and cost-effective strategies that deliver maximum value-added services to meet your goals and aspirations.

Primo Web Designs transcends the role of a mere service provider. They are your dedicated partners in success. Their journey within the Umbrella Local team is marked by innovative solutions fueling the success of small and medium businesses. Crafting tailored strategies, implementing key performance practices and establishing leading indicators are not tasks but the very foundation of your business growth.

Beyond the numbers and strategies, Linca and Richard’s passion is fueled by the desire to witness your business flourish. They are not just entrepreneurs; they are advocates for small and medium-sized business owners. Your success is their success, and they are committed to positively impacting your local business and professional life by fostering partnered relationships that go beyond transactions.

Envision a digital landscape where your business not only survives but thrives, where every click translates to a new customer and every engagement solidifies a lasting relationship. That’s the vision propelling them forward, and they invite you to be a part of it.

As you embark on your journey towards digital marketing excellence, consider Primo Web Designs your guiding compass. Linda and Richard are thrilled about the opportunity to support your business in attracting and retaining new clients. Embark on a journey with these experienced marketers and enjoy a continuous, shared partnership experience. Your success story starts here with Primo Web Designs.

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