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Michael Canipe



Umbrella Local Expert

Charlotte, NC
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About Me

Michael Canipe, the president of Advisio Digital Partners says, “In a world where businesses strive to find their voice in the digital landscape, we are the catalyst that makes it happen.”  With over 25 years in sales and 9 years of experience at the forefront of marketing in the technology space, Michael has honed a passionate mission: to empower businesses to conquer the challenge of acquiring new clients through a blend of ingenious marketing and cutting-edge technology.

Michael leads a league of experts in SEO sorcery, content creation craftsmanship and PPC mastery. Together, they craft tailor-made solutions that wield the power to transform businesses’ destinies, delivering measurable results that light up the path to success.

They are not just marketing aficionados; they are architects of discovery. They wield proven strategies to ensure that their clients are not just seen but celebrated by their ideal customers, whether they’re local legends or regional dynamos.

From crafting SEO-compliant websites that are more than just virtual real estate to conjuring captivating, licensed content that beckons the masses, Michael and his agency team members orchestrate every note of a client’s online symphony. They even conduct the blogosphere and tame the wild beasts of social media, all in the name of elevating their clients’ online presence and authority.

Michael’s mission? To empower businesses to slash their client acquisition costs, skyrocket their visibility and amplify their revenue streams through the twin forces of organic and paid traffic.

In a world where the digital arena is the stage, and businesses are the stars, Micheal and his company are a business’s backstage pass to success.

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