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Oscar Babb


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San Diego, CA
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About Me

Oscar Babb, is an innovative digital marketing specialist with extensive background. His career started in photography and web development, and spanned five years of technical expertise and strategic thinking. This technical background has been helpful in understanding the complexities of digital marketing tools and analytics that make him a good resource for businesses striving to manage their online presence.

Five years ago, Oscar changed his sphere of interest to marketing, focusing on the development of digital strategies. His deep knowledge of tech and marketing enables him to structure campaigns that are not just creative but also technically correct with data-based backing.

During his career, Oscar has had many notable successes such as growing the revenue of a startup to $2M in two years, and leading a team with over 50 staff. While working with physical businesses, he has spearheaded digital marketing campaigns that significantly boosted online engagement levels to translate into improved sales. Though seemingly unrelated, Oscar’s experience in physical businesses underlies his analytical approach to marketing.

In his free time, he practices photography and fatherhood as a way of exploring creativity while recharging. A great believer in sharing, Oscar has participated in several charities over the years and has given a hand to the development of team spirit and discipline through sports.

His personal motto, which encapsulates his professional ethos, is  As in life, authenticity and innovation form the core of lasting impact in marketing,

A combination of Oscar Babb’s technical skill, marketing prowess and commitment to the community makes him an ideal advisor for any business wishing to succeed in the digital era.

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