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Boise, ID
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About Me

Rebecca Bartunek has a diverse professional background that uniquely equips her to successfully help companies with their online marketing. Her multi-faceted background has prepared Rebecca to thrive in the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, where she leverages her expertise to create compelling brand stories, effective messaging strategies and data-backed campaigns that drive reliable results.

Rebecca brings a wide and deep business background to the table to help her clients.

  • As the editor of the HP Magazine at Hewlett Packard, she crafted engaging content and mastered corporate-wide internal communications.
  • Serving as the de facto racing executive director at the Idaho State Racing Commission sharpened her strategic decision-making, adaptability and stakeholder communication skills.
  • Her management experience at Clinique not only honed leadership and team collaboration skills but also deepened her understanding of customer preferences, market trends and effective merchandising strategies.
  • As the cosmetics corporate partnership marketing manager at Albertsons/Safeway, she excelled in brand partnerships and strategic messaging.
  • Her role as the media marketing manager at Primrose & Pickett Press further enhanced her skills in media strategy, content promotion, audience engagement, market research and SEO.
  • Her experience as a freelance media and growth specialist provided her with a versatile skill set in media management and data-driven decision-making.

Among other achievements, Rebecca has put books on Amazon’s best-seller lists. She has exceeded project revenue goals by more than 500%. She has helped save an entire market during a time of recession, and she has inspired and lead teams to achieve more than they thought possible,

But her biggest achievement by far is that she literally defied death.

Rebecca fought for seven years to successfully recover from a lethal dose of medication accidentally administered by a brand-new ER doctor. She was bedridden and at death’s door for years, with all organ systems shutting down, yet refused to give up.

Rebecca is alive today to give people hope. She says, “No matter how dead certain areas in your life might seem, there is always something you can do to make little improvements that build on each other. In the end, we will all eventually die, but there is always a way to breathe a spark of life into things that seem hopeless. There is always a way to create something good, even if that something is tiny. As long as I have breath in me, I will use it to spread hope and life, and to grow good things wherever I can.”

That’s why Rebecca loves helping businesses grow. She thinks that humans are walking miracles who can achieve amazing things. There is nothing Rebecca loves more than helping business owners build their amazing dreams. Rebecca says, “Businesses are like gardens; nourish the soil, and they can’t help but grow.”

Rebecca’s hobbies include gardening, games of strategy and volunteering. She volunteers on a daily basis, investing time to tutor and coach kids in at-risk homes via online platforms.

If you are ready to grow your business in the Boise area, contact Rebecca. She will bring her dedication and commitment to help your business.

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