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Edison, NJ
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About Me

Rich Baraka is an Umbrella Local Expert who began his digital marketing venture in 2019 and has been experiencing great success with a focus on digital products about e-learning. Together, Rich and his wife Niya, share a mission to help people and business owners to solve problems and optimize to their fullest potential.

Rich is also the CEO and co-owner of Airmid Counseling Services, an outpatient treatment facility in East Orange NJ. He is also the CEO and co-owner of Angel Hope House, a Halfway House in Newark, NJ, and Newsweek’s 3rd ranked best treatment facilities in the State of New Jersey.

His wife and business partner, Dr. Niya Baraka has been with Rich every step of the way in implementing comprehensive quality care to all of their clients in their facilities.

Rich went to Kean University where he was a two-time All-Conference Lacrosse player and team captain graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. He went to Seton Hall University, graduating with a Master’s degree in Psychology.

He is a Black Belt in Karate-Jitsu and was the senior NJ Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Champion in 2012. Rich is a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LCADC) and a Certified Clinical Supervisor in New Jersey with over 34 years of counseling experience working with individuals, couples, and families suffering from mental health disorders and co-occurring substance use disorders.

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