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St. Louis MO
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About Me

As part of a nationwide team of digital marketing experts at Umbrella Local, Timothy W. Joseph helps transform the lives of people by helping their businesses overcome the obstacles holding them back.  Timothy analyzes each business to develop customized solutions to help them grow.

Timothy is a trusted advisor on all aspects of digital marketing including Google and Facebook advertising, SEO, review generation, online presence and websites, site conversion, AI chatbots and more. He believes that his clients deserve to focus on their business while he focus on their marketing, creating a winning team.

Timothy is an eight-year veteran of the United States Air Force. While serving, he learned the technical skills required to analyze, troubleshoot, develop and improve multi-million dollar computer applications. He took those skills to the civilian world where he helped companies like Cigna, The Hartford, Lockheed-Martin and Truist enhance their existing programs and launch new ones. The problem-solving abilities Timothy developed are an asset he brings to helping clients with their digital marketing needs.

Timothy can take on the difficulty of figuring out which tools your business needs and how to implement them. That way you can apply business solutions he provides for growing your business via digital marketing using an easy, straightforward, incremental process. Timothy can deliver the keys you need to drive real growth in sales, step-by-step, without breaking the bank. Contact him to discuss your business.

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