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How to Crush Selling on Facebook

By Tony Faison on May 21, 2022

There is a lot to be said for going to where your customers hang out. Selling on Facebook enables you to do that in multiple ways. Facebook has 2.93 billion active monthly users. Why wouldn’t you be using Facebook to get in front of that part of their audience who could use your products and services?

If you are planning to use Facebook to help sell your products, it only makes sense to be a presence that people see in varying ways. That means paid advertising of various types, creating a Facebook business page, making regular organic posts and possibly setting up a Facebook shop. The more your audience sees you, the more likely they are to convert.

Facebook Posts

Organic Facebook posts are a great way to engage with your customers and build loyalty. They can help you with selling on Facebook by making your audience aware of your company, engendering positive feelings and linking them to your website or Facebook shop. And they don’t cost anything.

Today, people like to have a relationship with companies or they are soon gone.  And that goodwill doesn’t stop there. There is the added advantage that if your audience likes your posts, they will share them, and they will potentially be seen by like-minded people who will become your customers.

That’s all well and good, but remember that all your followers will not see all your posts. In fact, only about one every 19 fans sees an unpromoted post, that’s an average of about 5.20%.  However, you can pay to boost your ads in order to command a bigger audience.

In addition to paying to boost posts for a wider audience, you may want track the popularity of your posts in order to help plan the direction of Facebook ad campaigns. What’s popular? What bombs? Your organic social media feedback can help you determine the messages and creative to use in your paid ads. There’s a lot to be said for free testing when it comes to selling on Facebook.

Organic social media is a long-term game. You aren’t going to get the immediate reach you do with paid advertising, but it can enable you to build relationships with your customers over time.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads enable you to get in front of just right audience immediately. You don’t need to wait to build up a following as you do for posts.  Facebook offers many different kinds of ads as well as focused targeting options. Facebook ads are a must for selling on Facebook, but you need to choose the types of ads that work best for your company and then target the audiences likely to buy.

Types of Facebook Ads

Image Ads

Facebook Image Ads enable you to both raise brand awareness and drive people to your site through an emphasis on engaging visuals. Drive people to destination websites or apps through high-quality and engaging visuals. Use your own images or create an ad with stock photos to tell your story. If you have a specific tangible product you want to promote, image ads are a great way to do it.

Video ads

Facebook Video Ads are effective because video brings people right into the scene. You can use a previously created video if you like. However, Facebook also offers video creation tools.

People love video. About half the time people spend on Facebook, they are engaging with videos.

Facebook offers a variety of types of video ads:

Carousel Ads

Carousel ads can show up to ten images or videos within just one ad. Even better, each has its own link. You can show multiple images of one product or even create one long photo that may be swiped.

Collection Ads

Collection ads have a primary image or video and three smaller ones in a grid. You can customize display of products to each viewer. These ads help viewers move quicky from discovery to purchase.

Facebook Ad Targeting Options

Do you want to market to a very broad audience or a niche audience? You can leave it up to Facebook to show your ads to those likely to find them relevant or you can set up parameters to narrow your audience as much as you like.

You can set up

  • Core Audiences based on data such as
    • Location
    • Demographics
    • Interests
    • Behavior
    • Connections
  • Custom Audiences who have engaged with your business before. These people may be
    • On contact lists
    • App users
    • Site visitors
  • Lookalike Audiences that target new people with interests similar to those of your best customers. You create a source audience, and then set your ads to reach people with common traits and interests.

Facebook Shops and Marketplace

Many businesses publish organic posts on Facebook and create paid ad campaigns but neglect to consider using Facebook to directly sell their products.

Facebook enables you to directly sell two ways.

  • Use Facebook Shops to set up your own online storefront right in Facebook (and Instagram). Facebook Shops have about one million monthly global users and around 250 million active stores globally.
  • Facebook Marketplace is more for individuals who want to sell items and services. However, some businesses also use it to advertise their products.

Read more about setting up a shop on Facebook and Instagram.

 Umbrella Local Can Help You with Selling on Facebook

Marketing today is complicated, and more it more it requires experts for its many aspects. If you are busy running your business and don’t keep up on the ins and outs of Facebook marketing on a daily basis, it only makes sense to contact Umbrella Local for a free discussion about Facebook marketing services.

Umbrella Local can help you with selling on Facebook. They can devise a strategy and then implement it effectively for all phases of Facebook marketing.

Umbrella Local even offers Facebook advertising with guaranteed results!

Stop leaving money on the table. Contact Umbrella Local now.

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