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Ten Ways to Dramatically Boost Your Ecommerce Sales

By Dominique Bandet on Nov 11, 2021

Operating in the ecommerce space can be incredibly rewarding, especially when you see your business ideas start bearing fruit. However, initial successes don’t always translate into long-term stability or even the opportunity for growth. Like steering a ship, your business needs a steady hand and the proper guidance to continue charting the right course. When your website’s sales start to slow down, what options do you have?

Many in fact. Today’s ecommerce marketer has more solutions and techniques available to try than ever before. Not every method for boosting sales works for every business, but there are always some strategies that will prove effective for you. When you want to make moves and investments that have the potential to increase your sales dramatically, what should you consider? Let’s look at ten techniques you could tap into today with help from a digital marketing agency.

1. Make Sure Your Website Works for You

When users visit your ecommerce website, they want to see an attractive, simple design that makes it easy to find and buy the products that interest them. Adapting your website with an overhaul that emphasizes your core strengths can be an important first step to growing your sales. Extensive A/B testing and the application of psychology in design can lead to a web design philosophy that is highly effective at communicating your brand to audiences and enticing them to explore the products you offer.

Build a Streamlined Checkout Process

How many of your shoppers make it through to completing a purchase from their shopping cart? According to data tracked from nearly 2000 Shopify stores, the average ecommerce site sees fewer than half of its users complete the checkout process.

To some extent, this could be a function of consumer behavior, that is, users who change their minds and don’t make a purchase. However, it could also be because your checkout process is not as streamlined as possible. When you make checking out both easier and, importantly, faster than before, you can capitalize on a buyer’s interest before it fades. Think of “one-click” buying and guest account solutions. When checkout is easy, so is making sales.

3. Email Marketing Is Still a Workhorse

It is indeed challenging to get users to open email from businesses. The average open rate hovers around 20% on average. However, that doesn’t make email marketing a dead end. On the contrary, with today’s huge email lists and highly granular demographic categories, reaching audiences more likely to convert for your business is easier than ever. Working with a team that can put together a robust email campaign aligned with your brand image and values could be your ticket to a more significant bottom line.

4. Leverage the Power of Targeted Social Media Ads

The vast amounts of data collected and analyzed by social networks is a godsend for ecommerce companies looking to find their audiences and boost sales. An established PPC agency can be a valuable resource here. With hundreds of targeting categories that allow you to narrow down your ads to be highly relevant to viewers, social media advertising represents potentially excellent value. The right approach is necessary, though — and that means research and testing to ensure your spend is worthwhile.

5. Define and Refine Your Brand Identity

The phrase “people buy from people” may be a cliche, but it is true nonetheless. To keep your sales on an upward trajectory, ensure that you develop a brand image that shines through no matter where users encounter you. A digital marketing agency can assist you in structuring campaigns to reinforce your brand. Your brand values should always be front and center from posts on Facebook or Instagram to marketing email and web content.

6. Guide and Support Users with AI Chatbots

Following the idea of “buying from people,” chatbots can give your website a personal touch that many users enjoy. Especially useful for resolving basic customer service questions or guiding users to the right product category for their needs, these highly-customizable solutions can even be quite adaptable thanks to machine learning technology. After handling a few queries, a bot might suggest a solution and make it faster for customers to complete their purchases. Conversions often dramatically increase when businesses add AI chatbots.

7. Nudge Customers about Abandoned Carts

Not every customer who leaves items in their digital shopping cart is a lost cause. Abandoned cart reminders in the form of emails, push notifications and other avenues of communication can recapture some leads and drive conversions you could otherwise lose altogether. Discounts can be a splendid motivator here as well — a simple 10% discount offer to abandoned cart users can generate revenue from a potentially lost sale.

8. Reach for the First Page of Google

It’s hard to overstate the value of being on the first page of Google. This highly competitive location can be difficult to break into, but its potential impact on your bottom line makes the effort worthwhile. Invest in better SEO, web design and supporting content to appeal to users and the algorithm. With a digital marketing agency, you can enjoy the benefits of enhanced SEO without paying for such services until your team achieves a first-page rank.

9. Cultivate Your Reputation Through Positive Reviews

Users pay close attention to star ratings online and can make judgments based on rankings alone. Therefore, it is essential not to overlook the importance of seeking out positive reviews from customers who have made purchases with your business. Make it easy to leave a review, especially for individual products, and consider sending reminder emails soliciting reviews directly.

10. Make Your Services Accessible to All

Mobile shopping is a multi-billion dollar industry today and accounts for nearly half, roughly 45%, of all ecommerce sales. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly and optimized for smartphone display, you could miss many interested buyers. Invest in design that works for these users — and consider going farther. Accessible design that makes your mobile and desktop sites ADA-compliant means opening the door to sales from other kinds of buyers too.

Find the Strategies Best Suited to Bolster Your Growth

The ecommerce sector is diverse, complex and constantly changing — but the right growth techniques will keep your company’s competitive edge sharp. At Umbrella Local, working with online entrepreneurs and intrepid business owners is our passion. With a diverse array of services designed to make it easier to connect to and convert motivated buyers, we can help you develop a custom action plan for short and long-term sales growth.

Explore these exciting opportunities and discover a path to growth for your business when you book a free consultation with Umbrella Local today.

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