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25 Holiday Promotions for 2023 to Make Sales Soar

By Jared Hunter Keith on Sep 1, 2023

The holiday shopping season is upon us. You already know that many retailers and ecommerce sites make a good chunk of their money during the holiday shopping season, up to 30%. And this year, it’s expected to be robust. So you may want to consider additional holiday promotions for 2023.

eMarketer expects retail holiday spending to increase by 4.5% over last year for the 2023 holiday season. eCommerce sales are expected to increase by 11.3%.
If you sell retail or have an ecommerce site, you no doubt already have a plan for your holiday shopping season. After all, 11% of holiday shoppers begin in July. But most shopping still lies ahead. This is not the time to relax!

25 Holiday  Promotions for 2023

Read through the following effective holiday marketing promotions for 2023, and consider adding some additional firepower to your holiday marketing line-up.

1. Countdown Calendar: Borrowing from the advent calendar concept, provide daily deals that are limited to one-day only leading up to a significant holiday. This continuous engagement keeps your brand top-of-mind and can drive daily traffic to your website or store.

2. Social Media Giveaways: Drive engagement and increase your brand’s visibility by hosting holiday-themed giveaways on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. These events can grow your follower base, increase brand exposure, and foster a community feeling among participants.

3. Early Bird Specials: Motivate customers to start their holiday shopping early with special discounts. This helps spready out the holiday rush and grabs customers before they buy elsewhere.

4. Flash Sales: Create buzz during your holiday promotions for 2023, drive traffic, and clear out inventory with flash sales! Flash sales are short, usually 24-hour events that offer significant discounts. The limited time frame creates urgency, prompting customers to make swift decisions that result in increased conversions. You can do this in your brick-and-mortar store, your website and even on social media!

5. Extended Return Policies: Recognize the holidays engender a lot of gift-giving anxiety for most of us. Offer peace of mind during the holiday season with extended return policies. Such flexibility can boost sales by giving customers confidence that gifts can be exchanged or returned if they aren’t perfect. This definitely should be up there among the holiday promotions for 2023 you consider.

6. Bundle Deals: Bundling complementary products together at a discounted rate increases their perceived value to customers. Customers feel they’re getting more for their money. A side benefit, is that bundling introduces your customers to products they might not have tried otherwise. Last but certainly not least, it’s an effective way to increase your average order value.

7. Loyalty Deals and Discounts: In your efforts to snag new customers, never forget your old ones. Reward your repeat customers with exclusive gifts and discounts. Recognize their continued support and entice them to make seasonal purchases. Giving deals to your loyal base deepens their loyalty to your brand and nurtures your existing customer relationships.

8. Gift with Purchase: Offering a complimentary item for purchases over a specific amount can encourage higher spending. High end cosmetic brands like Estee Lauder are famous for this. This strategy not only sweetens the deal but can also be an excellent way to introduce new products to your customers.

9. Free Shipping: Waiving shipping fees, either across the board or beyond a certain spend threshold, can be a decisive factor for online shoppers. It removes a significant barrier to purchase and can be a cost-effective way to boost sales, especially if integrated with a minimum spend requirement. Bear in mind that if you give free shipping with a minimum spend as one of your holiday shopping promotions for 2023, you also encourage people to spend more on products.

10. Pop-Up Shops: Pop-Up shops in a retail store can create excitement and feature attention-grabbing products. They’re perfect for engaging with customers in person and providing a tactile shopping experience. Create a temporary physical presence in high-footfall areas. These pop-ups can offer exclusive products, live demos, or holiday specials.

11. Referral Discounts: Capitalize on word-of-mouth by offering special discounts to customers who refer friends and family. It’s a two-fold benefit: existing customers have an incentive to share, and new customers get introduced with a special offer.

12. Collaboration Deals: Partner with complementary businesses to offer joint promotions or bundled deals. This approach can expand your reach, introduce your brand to new audiences, and provide unique value to your customers.

13. Buy One, Gift One: Add a philanthropic touch to your promotions. For every item sold, pledge to donate a similar item or a portion of the proceeds to a charitable cause. This goodwill gesture can resonate deeply with customers, aligning their purchase with a sense of purpose. It also plays very well on social media.

14. Limited Edition Products: Offer products or services exclusive to the holiday season. People are looking for the magical during the holidays. Their limited nature can create a buzz and a sense of rarity, driving demand and making them coveted gifts or collectibles.

15. Gift Cards Bonus: Sure, you may already offer gift cards. But enhance your gift card sales by adding a bonus. For instance, with every $50 gift card purchase, offer an additional $5. It can motivate higher spends and introduce new customers to your offerings.

16. Themed Contests: Engage your community with holiday-themed contests. Whether it’s a festive decoration competition or a holiday recipe contest, these can be fun, interactive, and a great way to keep your audience engaged. You do these either in-store or on social media.

17. Loyalty Card Boost: Here’s another way to reward your loyal customers. If you have a loyalty card program, double the loyalty points during the holiday season. This strategy not only encourages more purchases but also speeds up the rewards process for your regulars.

18. Personal Shopping Services: Especially beneficial in sectors like fashion or gifts, offer personal shopping consultations. Helping customers find the perfect gift can enhance their shopping experience and drive sales.

19. Interactive Displays: Brick-and-mortar shops can create captivating window displays that engage passersby, maybe through QR codes offering special deals or augmented reality experiences. Even ecommerce sites can create an interactive landing page special for the holiday season.

20. Gift Guides: Curate lists of suggested gifts tailored to various demographics or interests. This simplifies the shopping process for your customers who may be lost and frustrated. It has the added bonus of strategically highlighting products you want to showcase.

21. Mystery Offers: Surprise and delight are at the heart of the holiday season. Offer mystery discounts or products to keep the excitement alive and customers curious.

22. Tutorials and Workshops: If appropriate for your business, offer holiday-themed workshops or product tutorials. These can be an interactive way to showcase products and their value.

23. Samples: Particularly potent for food or beauty sectors, offer samples either in-store or with online orders. It can lead to future sales as customers get to try before fully investing.

24. Eco-friendly Initiatives: Showcase green or sustainable products, or pledge to reduce waste during the holiday season. This appeals to environmentally-conscious consumers.

25. Last Minute Deals: As the holidays approach, cater to procrastinators with special last-minute offers or expedited shipping.

Getting Ready for Your Holiday Promotions for 2023

Remember, holiday promotions for 2023 are not just about boosting sales, but also about building and nurturing relationships. Tailor these promotions to resonate with your brand ethos and your customer base, ensuring a festive season filled with cheer and success.

If you want some extra fire power to boost your revenues over the holidays, contact Umbrella Local here or call us at (646)440-1426for a free consultation.

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