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9 Effective Ways to Create Landing Pages that Convert

By Blaine Thompson on Apr 10, 2022

A landing page is often the first thing a customer sees on your website. For example, they might click on one of your ads and find themselves on a related landing page.

Of course, you want to be sure to create landing pages that are relevant to the links the customers clicked to get to them. But that’s just a starting point.

Your landing page must also convey a sense of your brand and that you are a trustworthy company. It also shouldn’t make your customers work to find the information they need.

Following are some landing page tips you will want to follow to keep people on your website and convert.

Focus on You Customers Not Your Products

It doesn’t matter if your business is B2C or B2B, people want to hear about how you can solve their problems or make their lives better. They really don’t care how great your company is, at least not at first. Addressing buyer concerns on landing pages increases conversions by up to 80%!

So, focus on your customers rather than your company. You can always provide product details when your customer is further along in the sales funnel. But at this point, you want to focus a lot more on benefits than features.

Keep it Simple

There is a tendency for business people who are not professional marketers or writers to want to include everything they can about their products when they create landing pages.

But the reality is, if you say too much, you may as well not be saying anything at all. People won’t remember more than about six points, so save all the detail for a specs page. Focus on the message you really want to get across rather than burying it in minutia.

Use headers that get your point across, a lot of white space, bullet points and everything you can to make copy readable. People are just scanning your page, so make it easy for them to get your message. Those who think their audience is carefully reading every word they write are going to be disappointed.

Write Text that Draws Them In

In addition to keeping your copy focused and succinct as already discussed, write copy that draws people in and keeps them reading.

Emotional Triggers

People make buying decisions based on emotion even if they want facts to bolster their buying decisions. For example, generate fear of a reader’s competition or excitement about solving a problem they have.


Stick to your brand’s voice when you create landing pages, but keep your text conversational. Use words to communicate not to create barriers. Be a little human. Don’t afraid to make a joke (while still staying on-brand).


Video is a great way to get attention and put a human face on your company. Just make sure the videos on your landing pages are relevant and helpful.

Occasional “Wow” Statistics

A bit of research can go a long way. Surprising or interesting statistics presented in a palatable way add a lot to your credibility and your audience’s interest. Just make sure the data is in your favor and your source is first-rate (not somebody else’s blog or Wikipedia).

Create a Strong Call to Action When You Create Landing Pages

A strong call to action is the culmination of a good landing page. Everything you do on a landing page is for naught if your call to action isn’t persuasive and clear.

Your message should be powerful, but it should also be short. It should only take seconds to read your CTA.

No need to repeat everything you just said, though the text before the CTA could very briefly summarize a few key points.

Testimonials Are Convincing

People trust the opinions of other customers who have nothing to gain by giving you a glowing recommendation. 72% of consumers say positive testimonials and reviews increase their trust in a business.

Ask your customers for testimonials you can put on your website and in other materials. If you can also get a headshot, that makes the person’s testimonial even more credible.

Optimize for Mobile

At this point, we shouldn’t even have to mention that all your landing pages need to be optimized for mobile. There are over six billion smartphone subscriptions worldwide and growing fast. Need we say more?

Watch Your Loading Speed

You don’t want to sabotage your landing page with something as mundane as slow loading speed.

Fast loading boosts the page’s Google ranking. It also enables your customers to find out about your company without hurdles.

When a page loads slowly it frustrates your customers. They are not going to hang out longer than three seconds before they move on. And when they leave, they may wonder about the competence of your whole company since your website is not functioning properly.

Don’t Forget A/B Testing

As with all your marketing, it’s always best to test your landing pages. Try different variables such as images, headings, body copy and calls to action. Testing will help you not just with optimizing this landing page but in understanding direction for future landing pages.

Need Help  to Create Landing Pages?

If you need help with your landing pages, the rest of your website, and the marketing campaigns that drive traffic to landing pages, contact Umbrella Local for a free phone consultation. Our experienced experts can optimize your landing pages and marketing campaigns to increase your conversions while you concentrate on your business.


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