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Five Reasons Your Business Needs Conversational Text Messaging Now

By Robert Swart on Jul 4, 2022

Connect or Die

Two-way conversational text messaging is a must for businesses today, and that will only increase heading into the future. Gone are the days when you could blast out advertisements to customers and expect them to buy from you and remain loyal. Sure, advertising has its place, but today it’s all about listening to your customers and engaging with them. Your customers want that personal touch. The more you forge real connections with your customers, the more loyal they will be. That not only means you will be able to optimize your profits during the good times, but it also means your business will ride out the bad times.

Businesses and consumers exchange over 20 billion text messages every month on Facebook Messenger. Now think how much more attractive conversational text messaging is when messages can be exchanged on multiple platforms and devices.

Connecting with your customers online goes beyond even putting a chat function on your website and engaging them on social media. Your customers are on the go, and they expect to be able to reach a business no matter where they are and no matter what device they are using. And today’s customers much prefer texting to calling you on the phone. In fact, 74% of consumers said they are more likely to do business with a company if they could message rather than call them.

Let’s look further into why two-way conversational text messaging is a must for your business.

What Is Conversational Text Messaging?

Conversational text messaging enables a two-way conversation between a business and its customers. It’s pretty much the same as text messaging your friends and family. There is interaction, not just the business blasting marketing promotions at its customers. At its best, conversational text messages are brief, informal and personalized.

It’s unlike live chat functions on a website in that

  • Either the customer or the company can initiate the conversation.
  • Your customers don’t need to go to your website to start a conversation or respond. They can start a direct conversation with you from their phone, tablet, desktop or laptop.
  • The conversation can be saved and returned to later, just like your texts with friends.
  • Your current landline or VOIP number can be set up for conversational text messaging. No need to use or publish multiple numbers.
  • It can provide instant communication. If you can’t have a human available 24/7, you can supplement with automated responses including directing people to detailed FAQs and other information. Then the rep can contact them later and see their messages.

Conversational messaging is most effective when implemented across multiple channels. These conversations need to be able to occur on whatever platform customers prefer, whether it’s Twitter, WhatsApp, or another messaging service. These services combine the conversational element of texting with the rich capabilities of websites and apps, so messages can include graphic elements that allow people to complete transactions without leaving the platform.

By keeping the line of communication open at all times, conversational messaging helps businesses provide a positive customer experience. This can help build brand identity and customer loyalty, and lead to an increase in revenue.

People Read Almost All Text Messages

When you send a text message, there’s a 98% likelihood your customers will read it. That’s astonishing.

You can start a conversation — As many as 45% of people reply to branded text blasts they receive.

Conversational Text Messaging Promotes Sales

83% say they would browse or buy products in messaging conversations

Get the Competitive Advantage

Businesses offering conversational text messaging has reached the mainstream.  But 61% of marketers still don’t use SMS. Rather than wait to be the dinosaur that is the last to introduce conversational text messaging, do it now while your customers will still credit you with being easier to communicate with than your competitors.

Reach Out to Customers Where They Are

You can have conversational text messaging set up so customers can reach you any number of ways.

Here are some ways

  • Texting directly from their phone – no need to be online!
  • Texting from messaging apps such as WhatsApp
  • Connecting via a button on an online ad they saw and liked
  • Connecting via a button on a social media post whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or something else
  • Texting from your website
  • Texting from business listings such as your Google Business Profile

Use It for as Many Reasons as There Are to Communicate

Communication is key to business success these days, and conversational text messaging enables communication for whatever reasons you and your customers need. For example

  • Customer service
  • One-on-one buying and selling products and services. Graphics can be sent if for example, a customer asks about available colors
  • Sending mass messages such as for a time-limited promotion – and receiving immediate responses
  • Pre-sales discussions
  • Basic questions such hours the business is open
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Booking reservations

Umbrella Local Can Help

Are you ready to turn your landline into a conversational business texting platform?

Be the business that offers a “call or text” option rather than forcing people to make a phone call. Meet your customers using their preferred option.

Contact Umbrella Local for a free consultation to discuss the best way to set up and use conversational text messaging for your business.



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