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Five Ways You Can Drive Traffic to Your Landing Pages

By on Aug 9, 2021

Your landing pages are some of the most important components of your website. They serve as  effective lead conversion tools and can also help with SEO. According to Unbounce, the average landing page conversion rate is 4.02 percent, but it can be much higher than that depending on your industry.

How can you drive traffic to your landing pages? Good marketing agencies offer many digital marketing service options that can help you develop an effective strategy. Here are just five of the many  ways to drive landing page traffic.

Email Marketing

Email is a great place to start driving landing page traffic, because your email list is made up of people who have interacted with your brand before. They are already familiar with your brand identity and are therefore more likely to visit again and make additional purchases. According to a study from BIA/Kelsey, 61 percent of business owners report that over 50 percent of their revenue comes from repeat customers.

There’s a good chance you already have an email marketing list that you have built from previous customers. Make sure you keep your lists clean so you can easily use them in other email campaigns where you can direct these customers to targeted landing pages that would be of interest to them.

Organic and Paid Social Media Marketing

Social media is another place where you can reach your target audience directly. Developing an organic social media presence is very important for building your brand, reaching new customers and communicating with your existing customers. When developing social media posts, consider how they relate to your landing pages and include appropriate links to drive traffic there organically.

You can take your social media marketing strategy even further with paid social media ads. Paid social media ads are an important digital marketing service that can work with your site’s SEO. With paid social media advertising, you can take advantage of social media algorithms to ensure that you are reaching your target audience.

Social media platforms also allow you to track a wide variety of engagement metrics, including the demographics of the users who interact with your posts. You can use this information to continuously adjust your social media strategy and connect better with your target audience.

SEO Strategy

A robust SEO strategy is essential for any small business, and it can be particularly helpful for driving people to your landing pages. On the flip side of that, effective landing pages can help boost your SEO as well when done effectively.

A reputable SEO agency can help you build a robust strategy that helps you rank higher on Google and generate more traffic. Landing pages can sometimes be more difficult to optimize than other pages, because they typically have fewer words. However, you can combat this by focusing on very specific keywords that are related to the products you are promoting. Consider the types of problems that your product or service solves and what phrases someone might Google in order to solve that problem.

An improved SEO strategy will help you to rank higher in Google results for your chosen keywords. Most people won’t go past the first few results when looking through a search engine, so improving your ranking can dramatically increase your site traffic. According to Moz, at least 71 percent of search engine click-throughs come from the first page of traffic. Ranking higher on Google can also help your business appear more credible and professional.

Paid Search Ads

A good way to supplement your SEO strategy is with a Pay Per Click search campaign. With a PPC campaign, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. As a result, these campaigns can be very cost-effective and generate a good return on investment. Paid search ads put your landing page at the top of the search results for your desired term, increasing visibility. Since you specify which terms you want to advertise with, you can focus your paid search campaign on your target audience.

Influencer Campaigns

Social media influencers have a lot of reach these days, whether they’re on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok or even LinkedIn. Working with influencers to promote your brand can be a very effective way to drive traffic to your landing pages. Each time one of your influencer partners makes a partnered post, have them include a link to one of your relevant landing pages.

When choosing influencers with whom to partner, look for people who reflect your brand image and share the same target audience. In some cases, it can be better to work with a smaller micro-influencer with a very engaged audience rather than a big influencer with more casual fans.

Influencer marketing can go beyond social media. Podcast hosts can be influencers in their communities, and they are often looking for sponsors for their shows. Sponsoring a show with a similar target audience to your business can be a great way to get the word out. The podcast host can promote your landing page in the podcast as part of your sponsorship to drive traffic there.

Building Your Marketing Strategy

Strong landing pages are critical both to marketing your products and services and for SEO. They are an effective way to funnel your customers directly to the products or services that you are most actively trying to promote. You can also use landing pages to push visitors to a sale page, sign up for your newsletter or give their contact information in exchange for downloading a lead magnet. Landing pages are versatile and have many different possibilities. To maximize a landing page’s conversion rate, it’s important to make sure it’s getting steady traffic.

Driving traffic to your landing pages requires a strong marketing strategy. Working with an SEO agency like Umbrella Local is a great way to develop this strategy. We offer a wide range of digital marketing service options to grow your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.


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Landing pages are a critical part of your website. A good marketing agency can provide you with this digital marketing service.

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