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Facebook advertising v/s Google advertising for small businesses – which one is better?

By Rick Giles on Jan 28, 2021

Customers have observed a dramatic change in their shopping journey with emerging complicated and interconnected digital trends. With increased connectivity, businesses must empower themselves to meet the instant requirements of more demanding and curious consumers. To walk hand-in-hand with customers, your brand must flash in front of their eyes as quickly as the idea of shopping pops up in their head.


For a small business with a limited marketing budget, it’s a tough world out there, and finding the right platform to invest in paid media presence is extremely challenging.
With Google Ads Management Services and Facebook Marketing Services, you can present your products in front of the right audience and readily stir up your brand image in a matter of few minutes. Both ad platforms can be substantial in steering your business, but both reside on common ground, so the question arises, which one should you elect to achieve the most bang for your buck?

How to make the right choice for allocating your advertising budget?

Which one is better, or should I invest in both?

It can be intimidating to reach to right answers as both are proven performers.

We have made it pretty simple for you by outlining distinct clear pictures of Google Ads Management Services and Facebook Marketing Services, so you can form an intelligent judgment on how to best grow your brand.


Google Ads


“Google it,” with the surge in smartphones and personal computers, this term has been added to our vernacular more than anything else.

Google Ads or Google Adwords, is the most abundantly used PPC (pay-per-click) advertising platform that covers paid advertisements.

If you intend to grab active eyeballs for your business ads, dig into the core of Google Ads Management Services, the Search Network that allows your ad to appear in front of the target audience on or other portals using Google’s Search Partners or Display Network.


PPC Advertising

Keywords are the basis of the brand’s search campaign, so you are required to designate each relevant keyword with ‘Max CPC’ (maximum Cost-per-click). This way Google is sure about your budget for your ad being clicked. Every single instance, when a user clicks on your ad, the advertiser is mandated to pay a specified sum. This paid advertising has the potential to draw new customers according to the keywords and search terms they input on Google.



Facebook Ads

With more than two and a half billion monthly active users, Facebook creates an optimal vacuum for the brands to advertise their products and services, potentially becoming a lucrative choice for advertising agencies.

Facebook Marketing Services involves developing and running ad campaigns on multiple platforms, including Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, or Audience Network, where it scrutinizes your target audience based on their profile data, location, and demographics.

When everyone from B2B or B2C companies is on Facebook, your brand can get unmatched viral awareness. Facebook Advertising Agency focuses on ‘custom targeting’ with powerful search intent to scale up conversions and to retarget those who have previously landed on your website.

Now, when you have understood the basics, let’s dig deeper to decide where you should funnel your cash.

Google Ads Features

  • Massive Network
    Counting on Google statistics, with 2.3 million searches every second, 4 million advertisers using Adwords, and global search share exceeding 60%, there is no reason left you should resist using Google Ads Management Services.
  • Super-charged Ad Formats
    Google has launched numerous appealing ad extensions that are totally free of cost, namely call extension, message extension, app extension, dynamic structured snippets, and callouts. These extensions significantly improve conversions and CTR (Click-through rate) using effective text ads.


  • Video Ads

Google alters the complete geography of advertising with its persuasive and engaging video ads. Google also ensures that your video ads are located at strategic spots so that you present your business or products in front of the right eyes, which proves effective in increasing conversion rate.


  • Google Map Ads

Map Ads are certainly the next big thing in the zone of Google search network where you can effortlessly reach your intended local audience. Considering the fact that the location-based searches are progressing at a 50% quicker pace than other searches, this Google Ads Management Service flashes your ad in Google Maps, when a user enters a query.




Facebook Ads Features


  • Illustrative Platform

The optical and illustrative aspects of Facebook Marketing Services make Facebook a powerhouse of advertising. We all agree that the human brains are higher visual centers than the textual, hence, running visually appealing ad campaigns on the newsfeed of the target audience works best for brand promotion.

  • Layered Targeting

Being the largest social network, Facebook stores unmatched user data in its directory, which makes targeting uncomplicated. Facebook also offers an advanced feature that is ‘Lookalike Audience,’ which allows you to expand your visibility and reach new customers based on your existing audience.

  • Lead Ads

Facebook assists you create leads without directing traffic to your business website. When a user clicks the CTA (Call to action) button and enters the details, you can gather the required information. Leads Ads have proven to be more efficient by increasing average lead count and decreasing the cost per lead.


  • Budget-Friendly

For small-scale businesses with a tight budget, opting for paid promotions using Facebook Advertising Agencies to reach the target audience is a budget-friendly option. Here, you can manage a promotional campaign for as low as $5.



Simply put, Google concentrates on lead conversions while Facebook focuses on brand outreach. The peak difference between the two lies in the way products are revealed to customers.

Final look

By shutting down gazillion tiny distractions around you, let us give you an apt solution to the burning question lingering at the back of your head.
As we all know, every business is different with unique products or services and distinct customer profiles. Hence, the final verdict of an intense debate between
Google Ads Management Services and Facebook Marketing Services depends on several factors such as your business type or objectives, your budget, or your customer audience.

If the prime KPI (Key Performance Indicator) for your business is to expand your customer base in the buying process and acquiring an instant return on your marketing investment, Google Ads may be better suited to your business objectives, but if pooling a powerful audience and a captivating brand image are your success indicators, Facebook will get you there promising a better ROI (Return on Investment) in the long run.

Hence, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to whether you should use Google Ads Management Services or catch Facebook Advertising Agencies.
Both are incredibly competent master advertising platforms that cater to the needs of any existing virtual business. Take a closer look to evaluate the best use of each advertising service for your business growth.

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