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How to 4X Your Website Conversions with Three Simple Tricks

By Blain Thompson on Jan 27, 2021

Generating huge traffic on your website? Great! But your conversion rate portrays a differing story.

Unfavorably, most business marketers are putting a lot of effort into acquiring website traffic, which ultimately leads to neglecting conversion optimization.

Your retail business requires conversion rate optimization to not only hike website traffic but also convert the traffic you already own, eventually boosting revenue. 

In a plethora of 47 billion websites running on the internet, it is of prime interest to catapult your conversion rates to stand out. On average, the website conversion rate is approximately 3%, but there is always a room for improvement for an e-commerce business.

We bring to you three simple tricks, namely website accessibility, voice search optimization, and chatbots that you can implement to quadruple your conversion rates. 

Website Accessibility:

A powerful quote by Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the World Wide Web, states

The power of the web is in its universality.
  Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.”

The web is essentially configured to be accessible to anyone with cognitive, visual, neurological, auditory, motor, or speech impairment. With web accessibility services, you empower people with diverse abilities to utilize available tools and technologies to comprehend, control, and communicate with the web. Your customers can also take home a positive brand message as your business fulfills global legal requirements.

How overcoming an accessibility barrier can improve your market reach?

What if you can’t hear that audio? What if you can’t operate the keyboard or mouse?

When we ask such questions to ourselves, we realize how 20% of US customers with disabilities have to depend on others for menial tasks.


  • Spin Innovation

    With web accessibility services, you can deliver a highly interactive user experience in flexible ways that not only mitigate social and digital barriers but also drives innovation.
  • Expand Market Reach

    Considering the ageing global population and emerging masses of people with diverse abilities, integrating web accessibility services into the business model is the best practice to improve usability and market presence.
  • Enhance Brand Identity

    When your business takes charge to address the diverse conditions of the customers and offers services tailored to their needs, the overall customer satisfaction and brand reliability improve.

How do we make you ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990) compliant?

  • Text Reader Feature:

The Text Reader in-built widget reads aloud plain text, enabling users    with visual impairment or ADD (Attention Deficit Order) to comprehend textual content with complete control of the sound pitch and reading rate.

  • Keyboard Navigation

Meeting WCAG guidelines, the keyboard navigation feature allows users  with motor disabilities to conveniently interact and navigate through web pages using a keyboard.

  • Blinks Blocking

Blinks Blocking feature eliminates a possible occurrence of photo-  epileptic seizure caused due to wavering and scintillating graphics by blocking them.

  • Contrast Display Options

For the visually impaired, a tool is designed in congruity to the WCAG 2.0 standards that offers three display options to change text and background color, namely monochrome, dark high contrast, bright high contrast. 

  • Image Descriptions

Following WCAG 2.0 guidelines to provide a text alternative for all non-  text content, we provide image information for a clear understanding. 

  • Toolbar Features

The all-in-one tool package, particularly designed for the visually  impaired, includes large white and black cursors, highlighters, magnifiers, font formatting, and links. 


Voice Search Optimization

We are living in the era of the ‘Voice Search Revolution,’ where asking a query to a device and receiving responses from a virtual tongue is much preferred than typing a query and waiting for the accurate response to flash in front of our eyes.

To achieve a competitive edge in a population where 41% of adults and 55% of teens are using voice search every day, your business must be equipped to make this transition.


  • Expanded Online Exposure

Websites that facilitate voice-optimized SEO can conveniently attract on-the-go nearby customers who are searching for similar products using voice assistants. When your brand is listed on multiple leading portals with structured and accurate information, you not only get more eyeballs but also scale up your sales.

  • High Conversion Rate

For progressing conversion rates, your business must be at the customer’s disposal at any stage of their shopping experience. Become a part of customer’s journey using voice search optimization serviceand present rich data comprising of infographics, videos, or updates on multiple sites using one source. 

  • Real-time Adaptation and Automation
    The assistive voice search tool accelerates the adaptation process by allowing a hands-off experience. To stay firm in the marketing sea with waves of change swirling around, like promotional campaigns, featured products, combo offers, new launches, get hold of voice search listing service to make real-time amendments on multiple websites in a single click.
  • Discover Clients
    Your business can adapt the trend with an Umbrella voice search listing service that boosts your visibility on multiple search engines like nobody. With 50% of customers winding to voice searches, Integrating Voice search technology into your business is a must to reach a mass of potential buyers.


With e-commerce competition fiercer than ever in the trying times of Covid 19, Chatbots have become the talk of the town. To provide an ideal shopping experience to growing customers, whose touch points have propagated online, your brand must connect with customers on diverse levels. With chatbots on websites, customers can get immediate responses to simple queries before being directed to a live customer representative for complex ones.


  • 24*7 Sales Representative
    To ensure an advanced level of customer satisfaction, your website must be 24*7 open and responsive to customer queries, which seems impractical for support agents. AI Chatbots on websites can step up your game by not only engaging with customers over a 24*7 customer support channel but also concretely qualifying leads.
  • Customer engagement
    When a new customer enters your brand proximity, Chatbots on websites assist in pushing them down the sales funnel. Beginning with a personalized greeting message, laying down an appealing picture of your business in visitors’ eyes, generating leads, and closing more sales, Chatbots can do them all.

Chatbots will no more be the next big thing because we are here to do the complete setup for you.

We will create Chatbots for your websites with natural language processing aptitude to address your customers’ needs and expectations. Bot creation, integrating on the website, Facebook store, social media engagement, brand awareness, post-sales customer support, our chatbot experts can clear all the buzz around your business.

Final thoughts

In the trend of conversational e-commerce businesses, achieving high conversion rates has become one of the top pursuits among business holders. However, conversion rate optimization is not a cherry on the cake, it’s the bottom layer on which all your endeavors dwell. With continuous efforts and AI advancements, the complete geography of the marketing changes, and businesses reach a much wider range of relevant audiences by building customer service strategies. 

When you prioritize customers’ concerns and upgrade your working with website accessibility service to offer limitless opportunities for everyone, voice search optimization service to provide around-the-clock customer support, and chatbots for the website for a seamless shopping experience, the future of your business looks very bright!

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