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Five things about Google advertising you wish you knew

By Michael Van Vooren on Feb 8, 2021

Diving into the world of Google advertising may seem intimidating at the beginning. But if you keep yourself updated while walking through the system, you can go from zero to hero in a jiffy. However, victory can spin into a costly nightmare if you don’t know the answers to all questions before jumping in with both feet. 

Google ads management services can prove influential in generating new business on a sustained basis. Beginning from initial setup and optimization to assessment and account management, the overwhelming process in a competitive market makes it extremely challenging, particularly for amateurs, to lead the visibility chart. 

With millions of advertisers utilizing the features of search engine marketing to transform their visitors and searchers to leads and sales, the ROI metrics are tricky to demonstrate. This guide will stress on five most crucial things you can’t afford to miss before plunging into Google advertising.
Whether your existing Google account requires fine-tuning, or you are at the outset, you must read it to save yourself countless hours and Adwords budget.

1. Keywords- Find your Match

Being aware of the fundamentals of Google Ads doesn’t fulfill the need if you fail to utilize the keywords effectively. The most fundamental step in Google advertising is structuring a killer keyword list and bidding on these keywords in opposition to competitors. 

  • Broad Match

Broad Match keyword strategy can be employed by businesses with a huge budget. Either by an in-house group of marketers or an extrinsic PPC agency, businesses run marketing campaigns to reach an extensive audience base and accumulate a healthy amount of data using the power of a single keyword. 

  • Phrase Match

On the road to aligning with the demands of consumers, you will learn to discern your customers’ search queries. With Phrase Match, you can harness a more targeted approach with a certain phrase. Based on the order of the words, Google will display close variations that augment your reach.

  • Exact Match

Exact Match is similar to Phrase match, which drives targeted results, giving you the most bang for your buck. Exact Match incorporates a list of highly-relevant ‘long-tail’ keywords that closely matches the users’ search queries. When you have an exact picture of your customers’ needs, your search engine marketing strategies can grow your business exponentially. 

  1. Ad Extensions- Improve Ad CTR in no time

Ad extensions improve the performance of basic ads by extending the length and depth of ads. A study by Google reveals that ad extensions uplift the CTR by at least 10%. Depending on your marketing objectives and business type, Google ads management services offer multiple extensions to pick from to improve your click-through rates.

  • Location Extension
    This is essential for driving local foot traffic to your business by including address, business details, and local directions merged with Google maps.
  • Affiliate Location Extension
    It provides information about local retail shops to the customers.
  • Callout Extension
    It permits you to attach customized offers and CTA’s to your ads.
  • Message Extension
    This extension allows you to drive text message conversations with users.
  • Sitelink Extension
    Utilizing offers in your ad, it urges users to visit your website’s landing pages.


  1. Landing Page- More is less

To convert visitors into leads, you must scale up your landing page game. A data-driven and well-structured landing page can meet the customer’s expectations as they arrive. A below-average landing page can compel visitors to bounce before they convert. 

Are you aware of the fact that Google constantly analyses your landing page to keep users’ experience in check?

Make sure it double clicks on the following points while analyzing your landing page.

  • Goal-driven and clear headlines
  • An optimized landing page with the page title, slug, metadata, and copy.
  • Mobile-optimized landing page
  • High page speed
  • Customized Call-to-action buttons
  • Clear and accurate contact details
  • Flashing and appealing offers

PPC agencies emphasize creating multiple landing pages. The study reveals that more landing pages open more conversion doors, reducing friction from the road to conversion from discovery. Both B2B and B2C companies see a 55% increase in leads after increasing their landing page count from 10 to 15. With a variety of landing pages, you will have a multitude of offers and customized CTAs catering to the diverse needs of customers, which fuels your marketing campaigns.


  1.  Linking Analytics- Know your customer cycle


Research says that 94.9% of the top 200 marketing websites use Google Analytics. Let us see why. 

Google Analytics has proved essential for Google ads management services for gaining insights on digital marketing campaigns. The reason behind the idea of linking Google Adwords and Google analytics is that both platforms deliver information, but autonomously they can’t solve the puzzle.

Adwords provides you a list of the keywords that yield maximum conversions, but it does not carry you through the journey of the customers on your website after clicking on the ad. Google Analytics places this missing piece of the puzzle. It takes you through the different routes of a visitor’s journey so that you gain insights on what influences conversion rates and what are your website’s pain points. 

Without linking the two accounts, you can never achieve a complete picture of users’ behavior and keywords that instigated conversions. This allows you to optimize your marketing campaigns and make informed business decisions.


  1. Google Tag Manager- All-in-one tags store

Google Tag Manager is free software from Google that assists marketers in managing and deploying website tags in one place. GTM is a handy tool that can integrate seamlessly with Google Ads offering a wide array of tracking options. A few examples of codes that you can embed on the website using GTM are Google Analytics tracking code, Adwords conversion script, Google Analytics event codes, remarketing tags, and custom tags. 

Although GTM makes it quite easy to manage multiple tags, there is a complication in getting to grips. You must have some technical background to establish event tracking in Google. 

Now, some might be wondering, what tags are and how GTM favors search engine marketing?

Tags are snippets of code that instructs Google Tag Manager on what actions to be taken. 

GTM allows you to track events, outbound link clicks, button clicks, product promotions, and the derived record can be customized before transferring to Google Analytics. To drive a better customer experience, 41.4% of the top 200 marketing websites use Google Tag Manager. 


Google ads management service is not a magic pill that will save your business. But we can certainly say that a tiny raise in your conversion rates could imply a circle of difference between battling with payroll or sun-basking at the beach. 

The above-mentioned factors are basics you must consider before launching a Google Ads account. You cannot set it up and forget. It’s a complex process that requires time and investment. There is no doubt your business has all the power and right services to offer, but if you want more eyes on your conversion-focused brand, you can join hands with the right PPC agency that can make a tremendous difference in your business.


Your search engine marketing campaign is about to take off. Are you sure that your advertising avenues generate the maximum conversions possible? It’s time to take a second look!

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