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Email marketing v/s Text marketing for small businesses – Which one is better?

By Dwight Macon on Feb 2, 2021

Am I using the best communication tools to reach my customers?
Am I implementing the best marketing strategies that drive business growth?
As a business owner, these questions might always be lingering at the back of your head. With evolving marketing strategies and fledgling technologies, it becomes complex to narrow down your choices.

One thing that we are certainly sure of is the need for an interactive tool to pull off your marketing campaigns. With an eye on selecting the best digital marketing tactic for your business, it is fundamental to keep consumers’ preferences into account. Research says 76% of customers prioritize speed over resolution, and 61% opt for convenience. Both Email marketing and Text marketing have roles to play in marketing your products and services effectively to your existing and future customers. It can be difficult to pick one tool from the old school method of email marketing services or novel SMS marketing services to invest your marketing dollars. 

Let’s uncover both the marketing channels to determine which one deserves your attention.

Email Marketing


Do you think email marketing is just about sending emails to your subscribers?  If yes, then you are certainly unaware of this marketing powerhouse.

Email marketing is the procedure of sending in-depth optimized promotional messages to a targeted audience to enhance brand loyalty and promote sales. 

You might be wondering how partnering with email marketing agencies can supercharge your marketing campaigns. 

To address your concerns, let me adduce a few reasons why this direct form of marketing is efficient for your small business.




Social Media is not the only answer for small businesses with budget  constraints because acquiring organic reach over social platforms isn’t always feasible. Email marketing services offer the most economical ways to reach and engage the target audience. Just a few dollars per recipient and no investment in building an additional software! No surprise why small businesses are retaining their marketing budget for developing email marketing campaigns. 


Reach Mobile Consumers

Email marketing agencies develop strategies to create appealing email copy for customers so they can conveniently stay connected with your brand and redeem any coupons or promo codes in a few clicks. Analysis of smartphone users suggests that 48% of emails are opened on mobile devices, and over 61% of consumers prefer to receive offers via emails. Hence, it’s vital to optimize your commercial content for mobile devices.

High Return on Investment


With effective email marketing services, you can attain high ROI despite your tight budget. Emails permit you to reach a willing customer base that drives more traffic to your website. Email subscribers turning to qualified leads promote sales conversions. By propelling leads down the shopping funnel, emails effectively nurture marketing campaigns.


Builds Brand Awareness


Mobile consumers are usually bombarded with promotional messages. But when you stand out with relevant and personalized brand content based on your consumers’ demands and shopping patterns, you tend to receive the best responses. By achieving advanced visibility through email campaigns like email marketing newsletters, you can effectively build your brand awareness.


Integrates well with social media marketing

Email marketing can fetch you the most of your marketing investment by meeting your diverse marketing goals. Email marketing services can integrate well with social media operations, for example, you can incorporate share buttons of your social media pages and CTA’s (Call to Action) in your email so that your social media customer game amplifies.

After witnessing the metrics that undoubtedly reveal the potential of email marketing, you might take a second thought before scrapping your email marketing plan.
Now, let me draw your vigilance to the formidable opponent on the ground, Text marketing.

Text Marketing

Small business owners usually search for user-friendly, reliable, and affordable marketing systems.  We always hear dozens of them stressing about dried sales pipelines and customer base. Here we are with a one-stop solution to save your drowning ship and to get you the most bang for your buck.
With a proven record of 90% of text messages being opened in the first three minutes of receipt, text message marketing services can effectively promote your sales and conversions.

Before kick-starting your SMS marketing journey, let’s understand why it is a powerful marketing tool for small businesses.

Immediate and Interactive

With most of the customers glued to their smartphones, texting allows you to reach your target audience with a customized brand message instantly. On average, 45% of opened text messages receive a response, facilitating two-way communication, which in turn drives immediate customer footing on your virtual stores.

Save time with Automated SMS

SMS marketing services can cover much of your marketing operations under their hat by sending automated messages to customers based on certain keywords. You can easily scale up your marketing campaigns despite time constraints by writing text marketing messages in advance and scheduling them as per your plan.

Opt-in Model

Opt-in marketing provides you with a better possibility of reaching prospective customers. With customers signing-up to your brand for receiving promotional content or product information, you have the guarantee of investing money only in those users who are heavily invested in your services.
This model not only saves your time and dollars but also avoids bothering disinterested customers.

No internet required


When users can receive your messages even when they can’t binge-watch their favorite shows, you can easily capture their attention on-the-go. You can build customer relationships through one-on-one conversations or exclusive text-based offers. Text message marketing services are highly valuable to deploy a quick and easy promotion that raises your sales figure.

Bottom Line

Arriving at the comparison of electing one marketing model out of tried and trusted email marketing services and fledgling SMS marketing services, the battling arena does not speak of a black and white scenario. If you brainstorm ways to dig into the grey areas, you will realize that both services complement each other. Your election will vary for every vertical of your target demographic. In order to drive customers into your brand’s proximity, you must fit into your existing model an integrated system of both the marketing services where the pros of emails and texts can be leveraged jointly. When done effectively, you can handle your expanding brand outreach with automated services giving you the capacity to build customer engagement and trust.

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