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How chatbots are changing the way you interact on websites

By Suraj Jha on Nov 13, 2020

How many times have these tiny pop-up boxes greeted you with a warm welcome whenever you visit a website? It is available as a guide-tour for all your queries upon the particular website where you are stopping by.

Well, it wasn’t the case sometime back. Previously websites did not have many feasible options for the customers to interact with it. They either had to mail or call the website. Only a few featured manually operated chat-boxes until chatbot happened.

Chatbots for websites have changed the whole game of interaction with the users with any website. Ranging from business sectors and websites around the world, almost 80% of the websites in 2020 use chatbots to enhance their website experience.

What is a chatbot service on a website?

A chatbot is a combination of two words- chat and robot. This technology enables  AI-powered bots to interact with its customers on any given website on behalf of the website owners. The chatbot has the sole purpose- mimic human interaction in a much more convenient way for the users.

There are a lot of social media platforms that use chatbots like Facebook Messenger, Skype, and others. The chatbots interact either in a text or voice format.

What is the sole purpose of these chatbots?

  • To enable easy user interaction.
  • To ensure the customers receive a quick response. 
  • To build good user relations. 
  • To support customer representatives. 

Since AI-based technology is used to design chatbots, there are certain features that they use to detect customer messages and queries and respond to them accordingly.

Fact: 74% of users prefer chatbots while looking for answers to simple questions.

How do Chatbots work?

One of the key concepts that are used is the detection of keywords. The chatbots try to detect the keywords mentioned by the users to understand their message and respond according to that. These keywords are already registered; hence the chatbots can respond effectively. The chatbots then show up results according to the queries you have made in the user section.

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How chatbots can make things extremely convenient for your website

Since the advancement of technology, we have always preferred technology to do our work over manual work due to these following reasons:

  • The chances of errors in manual work are high.
  • Manual work is time-consuming.
  • It is not as fast as the technology would work.
  • Manual work cannot be availed 24*7

You must be facing these same problems if you are not using chatbots for your website. Most businesses prefer chatbots due to the convenience and user-friendly interface it provides.

Chatbots work 24*7: Anybody can access any website from the comfort of their home. They can communicate in the website’s chat-box 24*7. Manually, it is not possible to reply as there is a fixed working hour for every human, but chatbots never rest. They can respond to your users on your behalf at any time of the day with ease.

Personalized responses: Unlike those automated call buttons that keep on redirecting its users over and over again, chatbots use smart AI to customize responses for its users. It analyses the tone in which the user is conversing and responds accordingly.

Covers all the general requirements: Whenever a customer lands on your website, they have some basic set of inquiries which they expect to be resolved immediately. Whether it is about any product/ service, a complaint, or about any ongoing service, these general requirements are dealt with by the chatbots itself. It helps to attain a hassle-free workspace for the website managers ensuring the best customer service for the new visitors.

 Engaged communication: When the chatbots handle instant communication on your website, it ensures that the conversations happen engagingly. Establishing good customer service is the utmost priority for any brand in order to receive leads, and chatbots do the same relentlessly. It ensures that the customer is well treated and guided 24*7 so that they can have a better user experience and convert into potentials.

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Why do owners need chatbots for their website?

We have discussed the possible benefits the customers or users will prevail using chatbots, but ultimately is it worth for the website owners to invest in chatbot service? The answer is yes. Let us look into some of the potential benefits website owners can have from chatbots:

Driving huge traffic: The chatbot for websites act instantly whenever any user is facing any difficulty. It happens with a lot of users at the same time, ensuring that the premium quality user experience remains unhindered. The whole experience adds up to the quality service the users receive that in-return helps in driving in more traffic at the same time on the landing website page.

Lead generating machine: to run any successful business, generating leads from your website is extremely important. When the chatbots provide the customers with premium quality customer services and assist them through their visit to the website, a massive chunk of these visitors converts into potential clients. In the end, we all opt for places where we are treated well. These chatbots ensure the same.

The perfect data analyzer: how many times have you gone through the tiring procedure of filling in an unwanted form to get access to a website? This creates a negative impact on your user experience which otherwise should be seamless. With the application of chatbots, your website does not have to extract your customers’ basic information for the record manually. Whenever the user visits the page and interacts, the chatbot with the help of AI technology automatically extracts out the customer’s basic info and stores it into the website’s data. It eases up the data collection procedure like no other.

Effective customer representative usage: Websites that do not use chatbots have manual customer representatives to respond to all the inquiries, complaints, and any other customer issues. This whole process consumes unnecessary workforce that drains out all the time and energy. Still, no matter how hard they try, this workforce cannot perform at the optimum speed in which chatbots will achieve. When you get the chatbot software for your webpage, the chatbot handles all the jobs efficiently emptying your workforce for some other crucial part of your company.

Fact: Giants such as LinkedIn, Starbucks, British Airways, and eBay announced their own use of chatbots in 2020.


As the world is getting more inclined towards advanced technology, most companies are relying upon digital technology to grow online. They use advancements in software to achieve perfection in their service effortlessly using minimum capital. Chatbots for websites has become one of the crucial parts of such technology.

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If you are still not very clear that is it the perfect fit,  chatbot services from Umbrella Local are just for you. If you want to generate leads in 2X-4X speed and convert them into your potential clients, we are there to help you. You can scale up your business with this simple yet crucial feature of chatbots. Whether you are starting, growing, or your business growth got stagnant, you will receive non-stop leads that you can scale into potential clients with the help of our chatbot services.

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