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How to start Facebook Advertising with a marketing agency?

By Suraj Jha on Nov 10, 2020

Why should you consider advertising on Facebook?

Facebook is home to nearly 2.65Billion patrons which is roughly 28.5% of the global population, and that speaks volumes about the potential that this platform holds. Despite curbing down organic reach courtesy its last few algorithm updates, Facebook remains a force to reckon with when it comes to advertising. The following facts, confirm the assertion:

  1. Nearly 75% of Facebook users are between the ages of 13 and 34.
  2. Despite the introduction of video ads, Facebook clocks about 100 million hours of video a day.
  3. An average Facebook user clicks on 12 ads every month.
  4. Nearly 70 Million businesses have business domains on Facebook.

How does an agency help you with Facebook Advertising?

The issue, however, with Facebook advertising is that it changes every day, and that is where a Facebook advertising agency steps in. The agency helps you in creating a new profile for your business and make people notice your business. If you are an online business owner, then this is one of the best ways to make your profile popular on Facebook.

Facebook Advertising Cycle Infographic

To create a profile, you need to find a Facebook advertising agency and pay them for their services. In turn, the agency will create a unique design and then place it on your profile page. People who click on these ads will visit your website and get acquainted with your offerings.

People will click on your ads when they find out about your product or service, and this means that your business has more exposure through these clicks.

Besides, you can also pay the agency for placing ads on your business profile if you are using multiple profiles. You can’t manage all your profiles, and hence you should consider hiring a Facebook advertising agency for this task. It would be best if you had some ideas in mind to create a compelling profile to attract people to click on the ads.

Factors you should consider before hiring a Facebook advertising agency?

A Facebook advertising agency is a vital cog of your marketing wheel, and hence due diligence has to be exercised before selecting the right one. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

Performance: Just like before opting for any other service, check reviews of any agency that you wish to work with. Try selecting an agency that has a prior experience of working in your industry so that you don’t have to lay out your marketing needs like target demographics, goals, and competitors over and over again. Check their case studies and make sure you check out their statistics on how their clients’ Facebook ads are working.

Flexibility: Facebook advertising is equal parts art and science, and it is in your best interest to look for an agency that can handle both the creative and technical side of your marketing. Facebook offers a host of advertising solutions for its clients and experience with all these options can come in handy when you look to adapt and improvise your campaign in accordance with the marketing trends.

Customer Satisfaction: Chances are that you know nothing about Facebook advertising right from the of and that can be an uneasy prospect. Hence make sure that your business and Facebook ad agency are forging a meaningful partnership instead of a marriage of convenience. Only this way, you can both understand mutual dependencies, liabilities and performance indices for short and long term goals.

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What next after you have hired an agency?

Once you have reeled in an agency for your business, you can choose any of the following types of advertisements that the agency can provide you to use on your profile:

  • Banner ads
  • Text ads
  • Image adds
  • Video ads
  • Pop-ups
  • Mobile ads.

Each of these ads has different features, and you will need to choose which type of ad you want to place.

What to do once your Facebook ads are placed?

Once the ads are placed, you will need to monitor the results of your ads. You will also need to check on the number of clicks generated by the ads. You can do this through the reports that the advertising agency provides you.

When you feel that the amount of clicks generated is not enough to generate revenue, then you can increase the amount of the bids for these ads. This way, you can make more money and make it possible for you to save more money.

After you start using advertising, you need to work with your ad agency and follow their instructions. The company will explain the steps in details, and if you are not clear with the instructions, you can always ask the agency for help. The agency will explain everything in a manner that makes sense to you.

Once you get your account established, you need to track the performance of your ads. You need to follow the number of clicks generated by these ads and also the number of people who visit your website or the site where the ads were placed.

This will give you information on how effective your advertisement campaign was, and you can make adjustments based on the results.

When the adverts are on the web pages of your target market, it is essential for you to monitor the results of your advertisement campaigns. You need to track the results daily so that you can analyze your marketing campaign.

If your ad campaign is not generating the expected amount of revenue, you need to change your campaign as this can affect the profitability of your business.

Since you are working with an ad agency, you need to ensure that your advertisement is placed in the right areas to attract the attention of your target audience.

You also need to ensure that the text used on the ad and the design of the ad is matching the design of your website. This way, your adverts will be visible to the audience without them even noticing that they are there.

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You also need to ensure that your adverts are placed in areas where it will not only grab the attention of your audience but also bring in customers into the ad agency. This will help you expand your business and get more clients.

Facebook advertising will help you get more visibility and the best possible results from your ad campaigns. It will also help you to create more awareness about your products and services. This will help you earn more revenue. So you need to work with an ad agency that will provide you with the best results.

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