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How to start email marketing with zero subscribers?

By Felix Kabi on Mar 9, 2021

Do you believe that majority of us don’t have the luxury to afford the best marketing strategies to advance our businesses?

Well! I would say it is just a mental barrier.

The good news is you don’t have to risk your life savings to make a huge business splash.


As a savvy digital marketer, you might have frequently come across the fact that email marketing is the most effective tactic for driving online business, which is why it has been around forever. With 72% of customers preferring email for their prime business communication, your business needs to allocate a slight of the marketing budget to email campaigns.


Analogous to most business endeavors, the offset is the most demanding yet gripping phase, but here we are to make this process a lot less intimidating.

Let’s take you through the process of launching an email marketing campaign from scratch and building an effective email list to ensure campaign success.


Define your Business Goals


Take a moment here! 

Before beginning with the unsung hero of the digital world, it’s worth taking a minute to answer all the why’s of your organization. Pick your focus area, set your objectives, and strategize your marketing campaign around it. Going too generic can never help you cease eyeballs in the already over-exploding mail accounts of your readers. Be specific and stand out among thousands of unread emails.


Once you have a clear picture of wider objectives, the subsequent step is to align them with your target audience, keeping a few statistics in mind- 61% of customers are interested in receiving promotional emails every week, and 88% of users are more likely to respond to personalized emails.


Being a direct and personal communication form, targeted emails prove tremendously effective in building a relationship with subscribers.



Add an Email Service Provider


Let’s get a bit technical now! 

An email service provider drops a tint of automation in your email marketing service by integrating with adjacent marketing tools. With ESP, you can segment your audience, systematize your email list, circulate campaigns to your subscribers, put everything on autopilot, and watch your leads and sales growing.


There are several email service providers in the market. To name a  few, MailChimpHubSpotPostmaticProton MailAWeber. Assisting most of the functions, all ESPs drive successful marketing campaigns. Based on your preferences and budget, pick the one that works for you.



Grow your Email List


Time to create your list!

Although there are distinct methods to build your email list, finding the ideal way solely relies on your business goals.
Creating an email list from the ground up is no easy feat. However, a little bit of complication can be nullified by offering customers a valuable incentive, often referred to as a lead magnet.


A lead magnet is a compelling offer that you use to tempt your target audience to subscribe to your campaigns. When you provide easily consumable and actionable lead magnets, you are more likely to gain traction. A few examples of no-cost instant lead magnets include free samples or quotes, e-books, cheat sheets, coupons, quizzes, etc. 


Creating personalized CTAs has proved effective in cultivating a loyal customer base. After creating quality content, install personalized Calls-to-action to achieve 42% higher view-to-submission rates than basic CTAs and satisfy the unique demands of visitors.

Keep your contacts organized


Jump on to the next part of the listing!

Now that you have your email list ready, let’s head start with the most essential yet overlooked element of the email marketing campaign- Email List Segmentation.


List Segmentation is the technique of dividing your subscriber base into smaller clusters according to defined criteria to achieve more personalization and relevance in email campaigns, leading to higher conversions. Multiple factors drive your list segmentation, such as location, interests, preferences, open rates, lead magnets, on-site activity, etc. 


Segmented Email campaigns claim 50% higher click-through-rates than untargeted email campaigns. Smart marketers employ email segmentation for better customer engagement, high open and click-through rates, and less unsubscribe rates.



Augment your email open rates


Let’s explore the super crucial part!

The bottom line of email marketing is open rates. You won’t gain any benefit from  implementing the above steps if your emails are not opened. 


The foremost step is to use verified domains to send emails so that it does not fall into the spam folder. Another significant factor is Timing, which immensely impacts the open rate. You can utilize email split testing to figure out the ideal time frame. 


When it comes to email content, the subject line plays a strong role in enticing curiosity. Use numbers and a friendly tone to draw eyes. Take note if your subscribers are fond of your content, they are more likely to eagerly await your emails.


Last but not the least, make sure your email is optimized for mobile and inculcates easily loadable media for faster responses. A study shows 60% of opened emails are from mobile devices.


Automate with Auto-responders


 Get ready to automate the process!
Auto-responders turn your marketing campaign into a completely automated machine to convert prospects into buyers. It is a sequence of emails, which get automatically triggered by certain events, and sent to a targeted segment list.

There is no thumb rule for the email count in a sequence. The sequence length completely relies on your segments, their preferences, and your campaign purpose.

To get the maximum benefit of auto-responders, keep a close track of the performance of your emails, identify weak areas, and focus on improvements.



Email marketing is certainly an affordable road to market your business in front of a wider audience. Besides amplifying leads and sales, information-packed emails also encourage readers to make smart purchasing decisions. While supercharging your sales with email marketing may seem slow in the beginning, but with consistent efforts, you will achieve results.

We have guided you through six prominent actions to establish an effective email marketing campaign. Regardless of your business niche, you should first learn to grow your email list. Believe me! There is a huge list of subscribers who are eagerly waiting for your business email. Now, it’s time to take the plunge.


Get started with email marketing in six simple steps. Create an impressive email listing from zero and convert your subscribers to buyers.

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