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The perfect lead generation funnel for home services agencies

By Jack Connors on Mar 15, 2021

Lead generation is the process of cultivating and capturing a person who has already shown interest in your products or services. It is a strategy, including tactics that attract interested prospects and convert them into leads. However, it involves a careful process that, if done correctly, can provide an enormous ROI quickly.

Companies use many strategies, which serve as pre-selling techniques, warming up customers who have already shown interest in your company’s services or product.

The home services industry is growing day by day shows no sign of slowing down.  This means competition will also grow along with it. To surpass that competition, it’s better to opt for a lead generation strategy to generate more leads.

What is Lead Generation Funnel

Before we get started, it is better to explain what a lead generation funnel is and how it can bring you many leads. Lead Generation Funnel is a method or system that is exercised to help generate leads for your business. A lot of online graphic designing tools are available, having the feature of creating Lead Generation Funnels.

Each funnel contains four main stages to generate leads and further convert them into clients.

Attract: It is necessary to bring traffic in terms of the audience to your funnel with a product or service.

Interact: In the interaction stage, you engage with the audience and find out their problems and needs.

Convert: You are required to generate further conversation and inquiries in the conversion stage.

Customer/Lead Stage: It is considered the last stage, where the audience turns into a potential client or a full lead.

Before moving from the first stage to the second, you must have a fast traffic flow coming to your funnel.

How to increase Traffic for Lead Funnels

There are different sources from where you can get leads through your funnel for home services.

Social Media

When it comes to home services, you should consider social media platforms as the first traffic source. Social media platforms allow companies and businesses to connect with their desired audience.

You can learn about your audience’s interest, which can cultivate a genuine interest and organic following. Just make sure to include CTA (call-to-action) as an image or line of text along with your content so you lead the reader to your webpage.

Always use the perfect format for offerings, which quickly introduce a new service or product or offer helpful snippets that slowly warms your client to your business without creating lengthy narratives.

Email Traffic

Email is one of the most meaningful and useful ways to engage your audience and bring them inside your funnel. Always opt for a proper email marketing strategy integrated into your funnel. When someone subscribes to a newsletter on your website, it means they have some expectations from you to follow up with them.

Organic and Paid Traffic

It is one of the most time-consuming strategies, but the traffic entering your funnel from your content organically tends to be the highest quality. You can use the best SEO tools to optimize your content according to your audience. Conversion rates of traffic from organic sources always tend to be the highest.

On the other hand, paid traffic is the traffic you get through paid PPC campaigns, YouTube Ads, Facebook ads, etc. One best thing about paid traffic is the visitors enter your funnel quickly. If you have no strict budget restrictions and are willing to spend money, this can be a good option for your home services business.

Perfect Lead Generation Funnel for Home Services

When someone enters your funnel, make sure that you know all the phases they are going through. It will help you accurately present information to your customer and allows you to engage with them in a productive manner that eventually gives them an extra push to get your services. Below is the best lead generation funnel for home services.

Lead Capture Stage: It is the first stage where someone makes initial contact with your funnel. So, it is necessary to create an attractive and engaging lead capture page. Create content that will surprise and delight your audience.

You can create videos, blog posts, eBooks related to home services and publish them. You can publish videos to educate your prospects on the best ways to keep your house clean etc. If your audience finds it useful, they will interact and opt into your email list.

Before creating content, always look at your competitor’s content and create a better or different version. Customers mostly pursue the web for answers to their question, so make sure to optimize your content for SEO. Additionally, you can also run paid search advertising, also known as pay per click (PPC).

Prospect Stage: Once you’ve got your audience’s information, the salesperson can now follow up with the leads. For home services, it is better to use different contact formats such as Email, Phone, text, social, etc.

Always use well-crafted email templates that are battle-tested and proven to be effective. You can send Emails to prospects let them know about your services.

All days of the week or times of days are not equal. Time your follow up, so you hit the right spot where you have the highest chances of getting a response.

Offer Stage: In this stage, you offer solutions to the prospect based on surveys performed by them. Home services companies can offer their services in a few ways:

  1. Standalone service: You offer only services to the prospect such as lawn maintenance, interior decorator, etc.
  2. Add-on service: With add-on service, you offer the prospects to purchase your service along with a qualifying product. For example, an AC may feature installation services.

Customer Stage: In this stage, a prospect buys your product or service. But it is only half the battle; according to home services studies, 70% of homeowners rely on recommendations from friends, family members or review sites. So, it is necessary to make customers publicly sing their praises about your company.

You can do so by making the purchase process as easy as possible, create a deck about what happens after the purchase is completed.

Try to minimize the confusion, add information as much as possible to checkout pages to make it as obvious as possible for prospects that what they should do next to purchase a solution.

The lead generation funnel must be organized in a manner that encompasses all these phases correctly or within a variation that is logical for your service or product you’ve got.

How to optimize your Lead Generation Funnel

Once you’ve built your lead funnel home services, it is necessary to optimize it to score more leads. Here’s how you can do it.

Analyze Your Competitors

It’s no question that your competitors are using different funnels to capture more leads. To gain some information, you should analyze your competitor’s funnels and check what kind of lead pages, ad copy, email swipes, and offers they give to their customers.

This strategy will help you improve your lead funnel and new ideas to generate more leads.

Evaluate Where Rejections Occurs

There will be some leads inside your funnel that reject your offers or services. Never take this personally; consider it an opportunity to access which stage inside the funnel your leads went cold. You can find out the reason for the rejections. Focus on the stage where rejection happened; it will help you improve your funnel and sales verbiage.

Qualify Your Leads

You should know that not all leads are equal. You should always qualify leads and spend most of your time on the ones most likely to accept an offer.

For that, you must look at how they interacted with your content. Those that download something related to your business are higher quality leads than someone who only reads your career page.  You can also qualify leads based on their interaction when you contact them. Do they reply to your emails, do they perform surveys? And much more.

The answer to similar questions will let you know how qualified each lead is.


Each business is different, but as far as home services are concerned and the way it is growing, it is crucial to find a way to stay at the top. A lead generation funnel can be an excellent way for you to put your business in a position to receive many leads. It allows you to keep in constant contact with your leads. You can develop reports and learn about your potential customers and offer them valuable services.

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