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25 Review Sites to Get More Reviews for Your Business

By Patrick Forristal on Mar 22, 2021

In today’s customer buying journey, Business reviews play an essential role. Purchasers make snap decisions about a company by only reading business reviews on different websites – without contacting your firm, entering your store, or visiting your site.

There are so many benefits of getting online reviews. Not only do they increase click-through rates from Google My Business, but they also help to build trust with potential customers.

Not all review sites are the same, and it can hurt your credibility and ranking if you list your business on low-quality review sites. That’s why to help business owners, we’ve compiled a list of 25 review sites to get more reviews.

What is Customer Review?

A customer review is a written reflection of a customer’s experience with a product, service, or brand online based on first-hand knowledge. These are not professional reviews, and customers are never paid for. According to surveys, 72% of U.S. consumers have written a review for local business.

Customer reviews are a type of customer feedback. It includes a star rating of 1 to 5 stars, with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent and some text. There are many websites where you can find an online business listing.

25 best review sites to get more reviews

If you want to get more visibility for your business, it’s better to claim listings on local search directories. You might have used at least one of these sites before, searching for a doctor to use or when trying to find a place to eat. The following are the local business listings you can claim, to help you increase exposure for your business.

Google My Business

Google My Business is the single most essential review and listing tool for local businesses. You can use it to garner a credible online reputation. It can also help with ranking your business in different search results.

Shoppers use the most popular search engine to get information about any directions to local stores. You can call it the main street on the web.


You’ll be amazed to know that more than 1 out of 7 people on the planet are active on Facebook. These users actively check out the millions of local businesses listed on this most popular and most prominent social media platform. You can create a Facebook presence for your business by availing local business listing services of our company.

Bing Places

Bing is another widely used search engine that has a platform for business listings. It provides an opportunity of listing to local businesses through Bing places. You can easily import Google My Business listing to Bing places.


Google reigns supreme in Search, but 1 billion potential small business customers still use Yahoo. Some people genuinely like it. For others, especially users of the Firefox browser, it’s the default on their machine. Yahoo has a partnership with Yext to display local business listings in search results. The competition is tough. You better avail business listing services to stand out from others.

Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon has been allowing consumers to publish reviews about products since 1995. Having a string of 4- or 5-star reviews on this popular retailer’s site can help businesses increase their sales. Business reviews also apply to service providers in the home services section. The business listing services offered by us will help you list your business to build a solid reputation.


Yelp is the third most popular review website on the web, used by millions daily searching for local businesses, especially restaurants. Sometimes, positive reviews get less visibility than negative ones at the site. However, you cannot deny its importance. Although it offers companies training on how to respond to reviews, we go one step further, and our business listing services help you address negative feedback privately.


If you’re offering services to homeowners or operating a home improvement business, listing your services on a review website like HomeAdvisor and collecting business reviews can positively impact your business and help you get new customers. HomeAdvisor has an extensive screening process. Therefore, we offer business listing services to give you relief and efficiently list your business.


TripAdvisor is for you if you belong to industry related to hotel, restaurant, travel, airline, or entertainment. It is a review platform where customers share reviews of hotels and other businesses connected to the travel industry. Every travel business needs to claim its listing and generate reviews on the most well-known travel sites in existence. If you don’t know how to do it, check out our business listing services for details.


TrustRadius is an online review site designed for software businesses. All the reviewers are authenticated via LinkedIn, which makes TrustRadius credible. Most companies face difficulties while listing their businesses on this platform. That’s why they utilize business listing services offered by different firms.


Foursquare allows users to check-in and rate venues they visit. While leaving, users can leave tips for others visiting the establishments. Companies listed on Foursquare can take advantage of user analytics.

Yellow Pages

Yellow pages let you get a free business listing on their website, enabling companies to manage reviews placed by the consumers about their company. Avail of local business listing services to get your business listed on Yellow Pages.


PlanetRate enables customers to write an in-depth analysis of companies. Businesses can register on PlanetRate and collect reviews actively. Positive feedback on this review website can influence how consumers perceive your business.

Merchant Circle

Merchant Circle has more than 15 million local business listings across the U.S. in its database. Consumers refer to Merchant Circle to get competitive quotes from companies they seek out. They also visit to find businesses and read reviews by consumers. Make sure you get your business listed on this credible website. Our local business listing services can help you with that. You can use it for acquiring new customers.

Angie’s List

Angie’s List is one of the most credible business review sites, being early to offer business listings. One cannot post reviews anonymously, which again increases its credibility. Companies can create a page here for free where customers can leave reviews.

Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau is an ethical marketplace that allows individuals to recommend businesses. It is one of the oldest and most trusted sites and verifies all consumer reviews. The listing process is quite complex, but different firms’ business listing services can do this tiresome job for you.


FinanceOnline is an independent review platform that addresses Saas, B2B, and financial companies. It allows users to find and compare software products and services according to their needs and requirements. They can also check reports and customer product reviews from experts.


Consumers can search for vendors of a specific industry and specification on VendOp. It provides a portal for purchasers to share their experiences with other customers. Users can search for reviews by service, location, and ratings on VendOp. It is better to avail local business listing services to get your business listed on the site.


On Glassdoor, users can search for ratings and reviews of more than 700,000 businesses around the world. Employees can also share what it is like to work for a company here. With honest and candid reviews about a business’s products, services, and what it is like to work for, Glassdoor can be a valuable option for enhancing its reputation with prospective employees.


Formerly known as G2 Crowd, it is a business review site for companies that sell software. Software apps used by companies are ranked on a five-star scale. More than five million business users visit G2 each month to read reviews and buy the software. You can boost sales by having quality ratings on G2.

Super Pages

Super pages website has a different interface than other business listing platforms. You can consider it more of an awareness tool rather than a rating tool. If your business needs more calls, Super Pages is the place for you. A big button with the business phone number is attached to each listing, which can increase your leads. We offer local business listing services to set up your business out there.


Lacartes not only allows you to create a listing for your business and collect reviews, but it also has a marketplace where companies can sell their products.


Manta is a review website that primarily features small to medium-sized businesses. Instead of displaying the top customer reviews right away, Manta gives you search results based on your keyword’s relevance. To facilitate the users, it shows the contact information with companies. It focuses more on connecting people. That’s why it is different from other review sites.

Compare Camp

Compare camp is a B2B review site that primarily deals with business software. If you aim to introduce a new system or tool to your company, Compare Camp can help you find the exact software for you according to your needs and requirements. Along with reviews of a specific product, this site also lays out the key benefits.


What makes Sitejabber different from other review sites is that customers get answers to other customers’ questions and the business itself. Once a purchase is made, customers can leave their feedback.

Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce AppExchange helps enterprises to keep track of their app’s rating and monitor their online business reviews. You might face difficulty listing your business. You can try our business listing services to get your business listed here.

Do Customer Review Sites Help with Search Engine Ranking?

Information from business listing sites, such as user reviews, can show at the top in search results in many ways. In particular, Google My Business and Bing Places information mostly displayed prominently in the respective Bing search engine and Google search engine pages and maps.

Rather than focusing only on rankings, however, think also about “visibility”. The more your company appears in review websites with positive ratings; the more people will trust your company.

Wrapping Up

Power is given to consumers by the internet to break or make a business’s reputation by leaving a review on search engines, social media sites like Facebook, or any business review website like Bing Places. It’s in your best interest to list your business on the review websites to make a positive brand impression.

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