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Five effective tips to create killer landing pages

By Nat Mistry on Mar 22, 2021

When was the last time you hosted a party? Do you keep guiding your guests so they enjoy their stay, or do you let them wander aimlessly?

Well, if you are a good host, you would definitely give your guests a homely feeling. The better experience they have, the higher are the chances to revisit.

And as grateful guests are truly happy to revisit, so are satisfied, website visitors!

No matter the industry or business niche, turning website visitors to loyal customers is every marketer’s most coveted conversion. With the one ultimate goal of securing a big sale at the end of the marketing funnel, marketers usually invest a lot of time and money planning and implementing strategies. But sometimes, all they need is a high-converting landing page to build a relationship with prospective customers and get their sales metrics lifted.

Giving an average conversion rate of 9.7% across all businesses, a well-optimized landing page can effortlessly persuade visitors to take action while delighting them. Whether you hire a website design company to create a landing page from scratch or you make it on your own, make sure to go beyond designing and match users’ needs to offer a positive customer experience.

Before you dive into the pool of landing page optimization strategies, let’s clear the basics first.

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is representative of your website, which is designed with one particular goal- convince visitors with irresistible content to make a switch to customers. Being a core element of any marketing campaign, a landing page is a gateway for customers to enter a brand’s proximity and pick between a bounce and conversion.

Most people often get confused between a landing page and a home page. It all comes down to its existence and promotion. Home pages are mostly uncovered by social media while Landing pages are generally promoted by Google Adwords, and the only purpose behind their existence is to generate leads.

It’s essential to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to create a perfect landing page as each page has a different goal to drive and a different customer base to address. Noting a whole host of varying factors, most businesses tap into the services of a web design and development company to build an effective conversion tool that is in the best interest of both business and customers.

How do Landing Pages work?


  • Place Call to Action (CTA) buttons on your website, social networks, and blogs. A user clicks on a CTA button and wheels down on a landing page.


  • A landing page captures visitors’ information by compelling them to fill a form in exchange for the desired offer.


  • On average, the page contains 11 form fields. Once visitors fill out the form, they get transformed into a lead.


  • With the lead information stored in your database, you can propel leads to turn to marketing qualified leads (MQL) using targeted marketing actions.

With customers having a short attention span of less than 8 seconds, it’s vital to capture their attention at first glance of the front-line view of your online store.

Not to forget, it’s easier said than done, which is why most marketers struggle to achieve a projected conversion rate with a landing page.

Regardless of your business niche, it is advisable to build a comprehensive landing page with CTA’s, social media engagement, chatbots for website, compelling content to translate your hard work into sales.

Let’s take a peek at the effective approaches of high-converting websites to create killer landing pages.


  1. One page one purpose

If your goal is to eliminate the digital pain points of customers, you must create a landing page tailored to their specific needs. It not only conveys a clear brand message but also helps customers make the right decisions. Tossing out generic content and extraneous solutions on a single page will surely have a favorable impact on your conversion rate.

Believe me, in the context of landing pages, less is definitely more!

A study by Marketing Sherpa reveals that 48% of marketers create a new landing page for each marketing campaign. Like every element of the digital marketing arsenal, a landing page design should be based on a concrete marketing goal.


  • Why should customers buy your products or services?


  • What additional benefits do you offer to your customers?


  • Do you offer free return and shipping?


  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

If you can make your unique value prepositions clear through your landing page, you are good to go.


  1. Rich Media Content

Remember earlier when I stated that the average attention span of a user is less than 8 seconds?

Well, you should focus on making quicker and lasting impressions, and incorporating images and videos is the way to do that.

With 40% of people responding better to visual content than to plain text, complementing your offer through images or videos can work to your advantage. While a captivating image draws customers in, an engaging short video can help your audience understand your products better.

However, more often than not, visual content affects the loading speed of the page, which eventually drives down Google ranking. When you aim to create a killer landing page without compromising on ranking, it is wise to engage with a website design company.

At Umbrella, we provide ‘White Label Winning Websites’ services that help clients to create unique landing pages and conquer the battle of lead conversion.


  1. CTA Optimization

If you are still crafting your CTA copy as a Submit button, it’s time to reassess your strategy. Call-to-action buttons are meant to create a sense of urgency to provoke the audience to take an action. Hence, it is wise to use strong commands employing numbers or verbs. Bear in mind that the headline message of your landing page must be consistent with CTA’s to avoid any confusion.

When it comes to CTA font, make sure that the font size is slightly larger than the description content, and SAP revealed that orange-colored CTAs boosted their conversion rate by 32.5%.

Customers-by their very nature- prefer personalization to consume only relevant information and take quick actions. A study shows that Personalized CTAs convert 202% better than basic buttons.

The more tailored your CTAs, the higher are the chances of conversion!


  1. Chatbots

Nearly 40% of customers of all ages prefer to use chatbots when shopping online. With the growing trend of conversational marketing, using chatbots for website can not only fuel your customer service efforts but also deliver a substantial increase in leads.

Employing a conversational approach to acquiring prospective customers, chatbots are a crucial driver for your revenue. Chatbots can adapt with multiple channels- web, social media pages, mobile applications. When you engage with your audience via multiple channels, you also allow leads to pour in through all those channels.

If you are concerned about integrating a 24*7 chat representative on your website, tap into Umbrella ‘White Label 4 Times Conversion with AI Chatbots’ service to capture and qualify leads.


  1. A/B Testing

Getting your landing pages right in the first shot is no easy feat.

Hence, it’s fundamental to opt for A/B testing to optimize your landing page. While you compare two different landing pages using A/B testing, make sure to test a single element at a time to witness the factor that drives higher conversions.

Based on the customer interaction with your website, you can gather data to form a hypothesis and then run A/B tests to get reliable results. Once you assess the results, you can take action according to your conversion goals.

Sounds easy? The truth is more than 20% of businesses struggle with finding an effective testing strategy. If you are hoping to generate leads and drive sales through A/B testing, a website design company can come to your rescue.



68% of B2B businesses utilize landing pages to garner a new sales lead for future conversion. If you are still spinning your head with the possibilities of how you can optimize your landing pages to join the above class of businesses, Umbrella website creation and revamp services are for you.

Each business is different, so there are a lot of factors to keep in mind when designing a landing page that fuels conversion. Now, when you are armed with five thumb rules of creating killer landing pages, utilize them to help your business stand out with unmatched conversion rates. And you can always hire a website design company to achieve your marketing goals.

Take note – Constant improvement is the one key element of creating a lead-generation machine.

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