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Pay Only When You Rank. Here’s How Pay Per Result SEO Triumphs Over Traditional SEO On All Sides

By Glen Thomson on Dec 16, 2020

According to HubSpot, nearly 75% of Internet users don’t move past the first page of the search results.

This means you’ll be missing out on a huge section of your target audience if your site doesn’t rank on the 1st page of search engine results for different keywords.

We’ve seen business owners spend hundreds of thousands of dollars building out-of-the-box digital marketing strategy, running paid ads, sending email blasts, social media marketing, etc.

Most importantly, we’ve seen them spending more than 30% of their overall digital marketing budget hiring so-called marketing gurus to help them create and implement a fool-proof SEO strategy for their business that’d help them achieve that #1 ranking they have always desired.

The end result?

They fail.

The actual results don’t meet their expectations.

Their website doesn’t really appear at the top of the search engine results.

While it’s true that SEO is a long-term process and you’d have to wait for months before you see any actual results, business owners pay top dollars each month, only to end up being disappointed later.

Backlinko reported that small-business owners spend on an average approximately $497.16 each month on SEO services. In a survey conducted by the team at Backlinko, out of 1,200 respondents (business owners), around half of them said that they spend way less than $1,000 per year on SEO, while 14% spend $5k+ each year and nearly 2% spend more than $25k+ every year on SEO services.

That’s a lot of money right there, and if the numbers are to be believed, the United States SEO industry will cross $80 billion in some time.

Maybe, it already has. We don’t have the exact figures yet.

Imagine paying $700-800 each month on SEO services each month for more than six months and not seeing any results later.

Let’s say you spend $750 every month on SEO services for seven months.

$750 x 7 = $5,250

That’s $5,250 you’ll be wasting on your SEO campaigns.

So, what’s the alternative here?

How can you make sure that you’ll be getting value for your money?

And that’s where Pay Per Result SEO triumphs over traditional SEO in all ways.

What’s Pay Per Result SEO?

It’s an SEO model in which you, as a client, will only be charged after you achieve the desired results. This means you won’t have to pay a dime if your website doesn’t appear on the search engines.

In simpler words:


“Pay Only When You Rank.”

Our experts at Umbrella Local, with the help of innovative technology and more than 16 years of SEO hands-on experience offer unique SEO Pay Per Result Page #1 Ranking SEO Service that’ll get your website at the top of the search engine results within a few months.

Sounds like a steal deal, doesn’t it?

All you got to do is hop on to our platform to hire Pay Per Result SEO experts who’ll not only hear out your requirements but will also carry out quick website analysis and come up with an outstanding strategy for your business to help you achieve better results.

How is Pay Per Result SEO Different from Traditional SEO?

As we took a look at it already, business owners end up wasting their top dollars on SEO campaigns that don’t deliver results. Usually, these campaigns run for a longer period of time, more than 6 months.

Unless you already have strong domain authority, it may take anywhere between 6 and 12 months unless you see actual results.

When done right and if you create and implement the right strategy, you may start seeing results within 3 months.

Our experts at Umbrella Local hold deep expertise in the SEO industry, are well-educated with the most promising tips and hacks, and know how to get things in motion.

Right from the moment you get in touch with us, we’ll be carrying out thorough keywords research, where we will also be considering any past SEO as well as Google Advertising results you may have had.

Also, your business goals.

Once that’s done, we’d recommend you to let us start with 10-search phrases, which will include long-tail plus high-volume terms.

And once we begin our campaign, we guarantee top ranking on the 3rd month of you collaborating with us.

While there are multiple misconceptions about this strategy in the marketing industry, we’d like to address a few to help you understand what you’re in for.

Pay Per Result Misconceptions

  • It’s a Black Hat Strategy Used by SEO Agencies
  • Your Rankings Will Go Fade Over Time

It’s a Black Hat Strategy Used by SEO Agencies

We’ve seen marketers and those so-called marketing gurus claim Pay Per Result SEO to be a black hat strategy used by the SEO agencies.

They claim it to be a bunch full of shady tactics to manipulate the rankings.

While some companies may use the black hat strategy and ill tactics to bill the clients, our experts at Umbrella Local have been in the industry for years.

They know all the ins and outs.

Once you sit down with us, not only will we grab you a cup of coffee, but we will also explain our Pay Per Result SEO strategy from tooth to nail, which will help you have a clear view on it.

Our professionals have strong connections in places to help you boost your rankings and achieve the tag of relevancy.

Your Rankings Won’t Last for Long

Not only do we apply the right set of the most effective SEO tactics to help you boost your rankings, but we will also help you maintain them.

This will help you make sure that your business reaches the top of the food chain and not just stays there but also works towards reaching the next level.

Unlock the #1 Position on Search Engines

With Umbrella Local’s top-notch and premium SEO agency services, you won’t have to worry about spending your money on poorly-built SEO campaigns.

Imagine the amount of money you’ll be saving. Most importantly, imagine finally gaining that #1 position on Google that’s been one of your biggest goals.

So, what are you waiting for?

Hire our experts TODAY!

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