marketer's hands editing a video on a laptop

5 Highly Effective SEO Tips to Lead People to Your Videos

By Arkadiy Okhman on Oct 27, 2021

While you likely have search engine optimization (SEO) practices in place for your website, what about for your videos? Video SEO has the same benefits as website SEO, but it’s not exactly the same thing. If you’re spending time and money creating videos, you want to make sure they’re getting crawled and ranked by search […]

person typing on a laptop showing review website

Top 5 Review Sites for Improving and Maintaining Your Online Business Reputation

By Curvin Martin on Oct 26, 2021

Businesses have always been concerned about online reputation management. Lately, it’s become more challenging because so many websites welcome consumer reviews. A single negative notice can seriously harm the reputation of a vulnerable business. The best way to manage your online reputation is by hiring a marketing agency that provides review generation services. They can […]

woman using voice search with website on mobile phone

Voice Search: Why You Need It and How to Get It

By Arkadiy Okhman on Oct 21, 2021

People are increasingly using voice search technology, to the point that if you don’t optimize your website for it, you are losing business. People are becoming more and more accustomed to using voice for a variety of applications. A Google survey reported that 52% of people have voice-activated speakers in common spaces at home.  And […]

"keyword" written on a post-it with crumpled post-its around it

Generate Better Sales by Using Negative Keywords in Your Advertising

By Chad Elbal on Oct 19, 2021

What are negative keyword lists and how do they help you target your group of potential buyers? This is an important aspect of search engine marketing. A negative keyword list adds a block against information-based searches on your ads and do not show up in results to those not concerned with buying anything. By information-based […]

hands holding phone with social media marketing post

15 Facebook and Instagram Post Ideas for Better Engagement

By Graeme Cornish on Oct 14, 2021

Facebook and Instagram are two of the biggest social media platforms in existence with over 2.8 billion and 1 billion monthly active users respectively. With these numbers in mind, you can be sure that a huge chunk of your target audience is active on these platforms. The key is to find and connect with them. […]

drawing of laptop, idea bulb and 2022

10 Ways to Update Your Digital Marketing Strategy for 2022 

By Tim Hennessy on Oct 13, 2021

If you miss any of these 10 ways to update your digital marketing strategy, you could quickly fall behind your competitors in the year ahead. The last two years have been challenging ones for people who are responsible for keeping digital marketing strategies current. The pace of digital change accelerated at an unprecedented pace because […]

happy people using social media

Paid or Organic Social Media: Which is Best?

By Brian Savic on Oct 7, 2021

One of the issues marketers struggle with today is getting the balance right between organic social media and paid social media (social media advertising). In truth, relying too heavily on either is dangerous. Paid content often travels further, but organic social media posts complement your paid content without the need to dig deeper into your […]

two marketers discussing digital marketing budget and planning on laptop

6 Things You Must Know to Plan a Digital Marketing Budget that Works

By Chris Mouton on Oct 4, 2021

Whether you manage your digital marketing in-house or you outsource to a company that offers digital marketing services, having a well-planned budget is essential. This budget will heavily affect your marketing performance throughout whatever period for which you create it, whether that’s a year, six months or a quarter. Below are six steps you should […]

digital display ad for perfume

Best Practices to Kill It in Digital Display Advertising

By Victor Melendez on Oct 1, 2021

Go online anywhere at any time and you’ll be greeted with display ads. They are a crucial aspect of any good digital marketing strategy. But as with all things in marketing, simply throwing them out there and hoping for the best will result in missed leads and poor conversion rates. To maximize the return from […]

woman shopping online

6 Tips for Writing Powerful Product Descriptions That Convert

By Dwayne Coots on Sep 30, 2021

One of the most memorable lines from The Wolf of Wall Street is “Sell me this pen,” because the ensuing pitches really highlight the importance of wording when it comes to making sales. Sure, a product description provides site visitors with essential information about the features and benefits of your items. But the main goal […]

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