advertising on Facebook

Should My Small Business Be Advertising on Facebook?

By Marco Aspaas on Mar 6, 2023

Facebook has been a popular advertising platform for quite some time, but Facebook has a lot more competition. Does it still make sense for your business to be advertising on Facebook? Facebook is still a very vital platform, but whether or not you should advertise there depends on your business, what you sell and your […]

Optimize LinkedIn marketing

8 Ways to Optimize LinkedIn Marketing

By Timothy W. Joseph on Feb 28, 2023

If your business is B2B, LinkedIn should be a staple in your marketing repertoire. LinkedIn serves the largest professional community in the world with over 875 million members.  It’s an extremely powerful B2B platform for finding, connecting to and sharing content with customers, colleagues, employees, contractors and potential business partners. This is a platform to […]

Small Business SEO Strategy

7 Reasons You Need a Small Business SEO Strategy

By Kelly Tao on Feb 22, 2023

You may have built a profitable small business. You can be proud of that. But are you doing everything you can go help people find your business and leave them with a good impression? Do you have a small business SEO strategy? Yes, it’s true that only about 35% of small businesses have a plan […]

Marketing during a recession

7 Ways to Use Marketing to Help You Survive a Recession: What You Need to Know About the Lipstick Effect and More

By Cindy McClung on Jan 25, 2023

Are we headed for a recession? Many think so. When the economy takes a downturn, one of the first things many businesses do is take a look at their marketing. Here are seven tips for marketing during a recession to help you make it to the other side ahead of your competition. 1. Keep Marketing […]

writing for SEO

10 Must-Follow Tips for Writing for SEO

By Christopher Benson on Jan 17, 2023

Every business wants to be on the first page of Google. After all, the first result that comes up on the first page of Google has an average click-through rate of 28.5%. Second position is 15.7% and third position is 11%. After that, it’s a free fall with the 10th position garnering only 2.5% on […]

reduce business costs

Reduce Business Costs; Gain a Competitive Edge in the New Year

By Julie Gallaher on Dec 31, 2022

We all like making money. But while trying to increase your sales, don’t forget that it’s just as important to reduce business costs. Ben Franklin is famous for espousing that “A penny saved is a penny earned,” but we aren’t talking pennies. You can save thousands every year with a bit of help. Let’s examine […]

small business healthcare benefits

Should Your Small Business Offer Healthcare Benefits?

By on Dec 11, 2022

To be competitive, businesses need to attract and retain the best talent they can find. That kind of talent has options. You need more than attractive salary and a friendly work environment to land good workers today. A key factor that workers consider when deciding to take a job is the benefits. And the benefit […]

marketing trends in 2023

Marketing Trends in 2023 to Help You Grow Your Business

By on Nov 30, 2022

Today, marketing changes rapidly on many fronts.  It takes a lot of time and attention to keep up with today’s marketing trends. A recent and extensive Hubspot survey reports that “nearly 80% of marketers say their industry changed more in the past three years than in the last 50.” Here are some of the key […]

mobile-friendly website

Do You Have a Competitive, Mobile-Friendly Website?

By Yogesh Prajapati on Nov 20, 2022

Most business owners today realize that their website is their calling card. They understand they must lead customers where they want to them to go and keep their content updated.  But sometimes they do not pay enough attention to ensuring they have a mobile-friendly website . This is a mistake. Let’s see why. Google Is […]

woman last minute Christmas shopping

8 Killer Last Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas

By Renuka Prasanna on Oct 31, 2022

We mentioned in a previous article that 43% of people start holiday shopping before Halloween. For that reason, we recommended planning your holiday marketing strategy well in advance. But that doesn’t mean that these same people and others aren’t still shopping well into December For those people, you need last minute holiday marketing ideas. Even […]

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